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Chrome alone? 5 of the best SEO extensions for Google’s web browser

Google Chrome is easily the world’s most popular web browser, having achieved a market share of over 65%. However, this doesn’t quite mean that Chrome ‘has it all’. Google also knows this, which is why it welcomes developers creating extensions for the software.

Many of these add-ons have an SEO focus and so could help your business to promote itself more effectively online. Here are some Chrome extensions our SEO marketing experts would especially advise that you try…


With this extension, you can get a quick but usefully detailed overview of any given webpage’s SEO performance. So, you could use MozBar to not only assess your own webpages’ SEO but also see how your competitors’ websites are doing on the same score.

Hence, MozBar can prove a massive time-saver for time-strapped SEO professionals, as it would take just a click for you to capture a detailed snapshot of a webpage’s SEO profile. This SEO toolbar is said to have been installed over 800,000 times

Keywords Everywhere 

Finding the right keywords for your site can be a balancing act. Ideally, you want keywords that are broad enough to attract your target audience’s attention but still narrow enough to lead members of this audience directly to your particular site.

It’s therefore convenient that Keywords Everywhere would enable you to quickly gather a variety of useful information — including monthly search volume, cost per click and Google Ads competition — for a range of keywords you could be particularly thinking about using.


Trying to thrive with SEO can feel a lot like mining: you could have a long run of uninterrupted success but then suddenly hit a seemingly insurmountable obstacle. When this does happen with your SEO efforts, you need to change your strategy — but to what?

The Similarweb extension would give you a few ideas, as it would let you quickly see a wealth of information about what SEO strategies have been pursued for different websites. In other words, you can find out SEO secrets your rivals have long held close to their chests.

Google Trends 

Blogging is a reliable method of fuelling your website’s popularity with SEO juice, and our digital copywriters could even write blog articles for you. However, you might remain unsure what they should be about — especially if you are in the dark about what is currently popular online. 

Fortunately, the Google Trends browser add-on can give you an insight into what people are especially often searching for, and so what your less evergreen blog posts ought to focus on.


How useful would it be for Chrome to have the SEO equivalent of Microsoft Word’s spell- and grammar-checking functionality? It’s more than possible, thanks to the Ahrefs SEO Toolbar.

Once this has been added to Chrome, you would be able to quickly fetch suggestions about how various aspects of your website’s SEO — including keywords and links — could be improved. With just a few clicks, you could receive detailed reports about how your site is faring on a range of SEO metrics.

Chrome alone 5 of the best SEO extensions for Google’s web browser
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