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5 signs your digital marketing strategy isn’t working

It’s hard to understate how much time and effort goes into forging a digital marketing strategy. For this reason, you could too easily be tempted to continue using one that is now long in the tooth and not quite garnering the results it used to.

Here are some of the biggest warning signs that a once-successful digital marketing strategy is now hitting the buffers and consequently in need of an overhaul.

Your costs have started outweighing the returns 

Yes, it looks like a simple equation on paper (or, more to the point, on a screen) — but the success of digital marketing can be difficult to measure in a quantitative fashion.

That’s why you should take a close look at what you are spending on digital marketing — including PPC ads, SEO, social media marketing and so forth — while also sussing out what appears to be your financial haul from the collective mass of these promotional efforts.

Simply tweaking the strategy isn’t turning the tide 

Sometimes, subtly adjusting a digital marketing strategy can be all you need to redeem it. However, achieving a turnaround like this can often be a matter of good timing — and so, if your own attempts have made you little progress, you should probably cut your losses instead.

Otherwise, you could risk falling into the trap of throwing everything and the kitchen sink at the problem — and potentially frittering away precious marketing moolah as a result. 

Other digital marketing strategies are still bearing fruit 

Chances are that you are currently pursuing various digital marketing paths — in which case, you could compare them to each other to see if there is any apparent ‘bad apple’ in the group.

After all, if you are still relatively inexperienced with digital marketing, you could struggle to judge what exactly you should count as success and what you shouldn’t. Bringing in the comparison element could help you to identify any weak spots that would warrant elimination.

Your target audience is reacting negatively 

How beneficial would it be for your brand to ‘go viral’? It would very much depend on the reason why. If you have posted any online marketing material that is provoking adverse responses from exactly the varieties of people you hope will buy from your company, you need to act quickly.

To be more specific, you need to swiftly remove the offending content before the bad vibes about it spread so far that lasting damage is inflicted upon your company’s image.

Digital marketing experts tell you your strategy isn’t working 

Obviously, these people ought to know when something’s going wrong with your online promotional drive. However, you can’t expect them to know anything about it unless you get in touch with them to seek their expert opinion.

So, don’t be afraid to contact our digital marketing gurus based here at Webahead. We can help brands to prepare the right recipe for getting the word out — whether you turn out to need, for example, a redesigned website, written copy, graphic design elements or even web hosting.

5 signs your digital marketing strategy isn’t working
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