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Clever tips and tricks for furthering your success on Instagram

It’s not hard to see why you should utilise Instagram for your social marketing endeavours. Each month, the image-sharing site attracts a billion users worldwide, and it trails only Facebook and YouTube in popularity as a social media platform… but how well-honed are your Instagram skills?

It’s easy to hit a brick wall when trying to mine promotional returns from a well-established social media portal, but here are some ways that you could finally break a stubborn deadlock.

Don’t allow your ads to look like ads

One of the many merits of using Instagram for promotional purposes is that the site lets you create ads in such a way that they come across as just another part of the feed, not an ad.

Therefore, you should be careful not to undermine yourself with ads that scream “look at me, I’m an ad!” Otherwise, users could be easily tempted to just scroll straight past them, rather than stop to assess the substance of what you’re offering.

Maintain an in-depth, but flexible, editorial calendar

Instagram allows you to share many different types of media – including photography, graphics, video and even user-generated images. This impressive scope leaves you with the question of exactly what you should post and when, and that’s where a schedule can help.

As a new month beckons, prepare a skeleton of ideas and dates for posts. Don’t flesh it out too much, though; you want some leeway so that you can capitalise on timely trends.

Don’t think that high-impact video has to be expensive

One strong incentive to capture video for your Instagram feed is the medium’s ability to appreciably spur engagement; Instagram itself encourages this by giving video content more organic reach. On the platform, video can ultimately enhance engagement more cost-effectively than static pictures.

Still, you hardly need to invest in high-definition 4K footage to benefit. You could even take one image, save it as multiple copies differing only in overlaid text, and then make a GIF out of those.

Geotag images to reach out to a local audience

If you run a company geared towards a local market, you could lure more local people to your Instagram media – and, by extension, your company – by geotagging that media’s location.

In this way, an estate agency could draw homebuyers’ attentions to enticing properties only recently placed on the market. Meanwhile, a travel agency could, for enthusiasts of a particular overseas location, post photos and videos to give them an idea of what they could soon enjoy seeing up close.

Tell powerful stories with… Instagram Stories

You would probably struggle to hide your excitement if your favourite company provided a behind-the-scenes look at its operations. For your own company, you can provide that in an especially dynamic way with the Instagram Stories feature.

Both photos and videos can be incorporated into Instagram Stories, which could successfully nudge people towards your website… and, through using our web design services, you can continue to impress potential customers as they arrive onto that website.

Clever tips and tricks for furthering your success on Instagram

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