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Set to launch a new product? How to drum up excitement on social media

As a small business, it can be easy to look at the furore surrounding iPhone launch events and feel a pang of envy. How does Apple still manage to make the public so feverish with anticipation year after year? Fortunately, even start-ups can still foster excitement for their own product launches.

How exactly, though? You should start by asking “where” – on social media! Its power to spread positive awareness of a future product in nearly any category can too easily be underestimated.

Tease your product ahead of the unveil

Continuing with the example of Apple, you might recall that, when the company teased the upcoming announcement of the iPhone 5 in 2012, the press invites to the launch event included a cryptic graphic showing the number “5” cast in a subtle shadow.

More recently, another smartphone purveyor, OnePlus, posted a notice on its Instagram page to indicate that only six hours remained before the launch of, ahem, the OnePlus 6 smartphone.

Target specific users

These days, social media is a powerful marketing tool largely due to the thorough targeting capabilities offered particularly by Facebook and Instagram. Hence, you can take account of such factors as demographics, interests and more as you decide which people to which you will market.

Getting to grips with those marketing tools can feel challenging. However, our social media marketing experts are here to help you with adjusting – phone us on 01325 582112 for advice.

Announce that you will be live streaming the event

Thanks to the launch of live streaming platforms like Facebook Live and Twitter’s Periscope, you’ve got the online infrastructure you need to show off your new product to viewers far and wide.

Especially crucial – you should actually notify people of that live streaming in advance. Taking to your social media pages and posting a message on them along the lines of “Come back here at [time] on [day] to watch our big launch event”, and setting up an event page on Facebook, could work well.

Take your followers behind the scenes of preparations

You and your staff are probably putting a lot of hard work and hours into making sure that the event will shape up as it should. For this reason, why not provide your social media followers with glimpses of those preparations, to encourage people to get invested in your excitement?

Still, only follow this particular strategy when you are nearing the big day. Otherwise, you could inadvertently reveal too much of your innovative new product to your rivals.

After the launch, assess your social media efforts

Did those efforts garner quite the response that you were seeking? If not, your mistake was probably in how you used social media, rather than your decision to use it at all. After all, press releases don’t tend to spark the excitement that they used to in the run-up to product launches.

If you are unsure where you went wrong, please contact us to see if we can pinpoint problem areas ahead of your next launch.

Set to launch a new product? How to drum up excitement on social media
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