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Common mistakes to cut out of your own website design strategy

When you have only recently extended your company’s presence to the online sphere, you could too easily make a wide array of rookie mistakes with your website. It’s understandable to blunder if you aren’t exactly a web design guru, but those missteps could be losing you valuable sales.

These days, even customers mulling over making in-person purchases from your business will refer to your website as they close in on a decision. For this reason, you don’t want to make these errors…

A difficult-to-remember domain name

As far as practically possible, select a domain name that matches the company name. You should also choose .com, .org or .net as the domain extension. Doing all of this will help to make the domain name as memorable as possible – no small advantage in a fierce marketplace.

Even if you plan to print your domain name on all of your publicity materials, it wouldn’t be ideal if you leave prospective customers with a needlessly complex address to write down.

A lack of consistency in the colour scheme

What are your brand’s colours? Decorate your website with them as well. It’s all about brand consistency. Consider, for example, how McDonald’s brings to mind the gold colour of its Golden Arches logo, while the abundant white of Apple’s website looks as slick as the bezels of an iPhone.

If the colours on your website are too various and random, this can hamper your efforts to forge a distinct visual identity and leave your website sinking without trace in people’s minds.

A web design that can’t adapt to various screen sizes

It can feel like, every year, tech companies introduce devices in new, previously unorthodox screen sizes. The iPad range now comes in display sizes of 9.7-, 10.5- and 12.9-inch, while this year’s new iPhones include the sizes of 5.85-, 6.1- and 6.46-inch.

Hence, you can’t afford to leave your website without a design capable of automatically adapting itself to all of these sizes and, for that matter, any size. We can provide a responsive design for you.

Insensibly hidden contact details

Every website should include a “call to action” for potential customers or clients to follow. However, they might struggle to follow it if the call is for them to use contact details that aren’t easy for many people to speedily locate on your website.

Those details should include the firm’s phone number and email address, plus the premises location and hours of availability. Displaying all of those details clearly will foster a more professional image.

Attempting to build the website yourself

Yes, there might be many do-it-yourself packages that, supposedly, make the task of building a website straightforward. However, in playing around with such software as WordPress, Wix and Squarespace, you might struggle to produce a website looking as slick as competing sites.

What could be at fault here? Perhaps a lack of web design experience on your part. If you give us the web design responsibility by phoning 01325 582112, we can spare you many headaches.

Common mistakes to cut out of your own website design strategy
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