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How to develop mutually beneficial partnerships with your link building

These days, link building is a staple practice of SEO. Online marketers are now well aware that, if a well-respected website that fares well in Google’s search engine rankings includes a link to a smaller website, this recipient site will gain a healthy injection of promotional juice, so to say.

If a site that Google deems trustworthy has linked to your site, it naturally follows that Google will assume your site to be – at least to a certain extent – trustworthy, too. However, now that this is common knowledge in SEO circles, authoritative websites are inundated with requests for links.

For this reason, webmasters who are often hit with these requests could be more conducive to meeting yours if you have developed a healthy relationship with them first. Here’s how to do it.

Do guest blogging that satisfies the right criteria

A routine aspect of seeking external links is asking a webmaster if they will let you post your own original content on their website – with the provision that a link or two to your own site is included. That seems simple, but the process isn’t quite that straightforward in reality.

That’s because each respectable website to which you wish to contribute a guest post will have its own stringent standards and boxes waiting to be ticked. To this end, it will have a distinctive “house style” that has been gently honed to appeal to the target demographic.

Therefore, the website owner won’t want to insert an article that clashes with the site’s overall tone. In thoroughly reviewing numerous pieces on that site, you can help yourself to strike the right voice.

Suggest genuinely useful remedies for broken links

A horrendously overused tactic in SEO is a marketer tracing where someone else’s website has broken links and then suggesting to the webmaster that each link is replaced with one to the marketer’s site. This tactic isn’t as clever as you might think; in fact, webmasters get plenty of these approaches.

There’s nothing wrong with pointing out to a website owner where their site’s links are broken. However, when you do so, let them respond before you start putting forward potential remedies – and, yes, you should suggest several of them, not just your link as a replacement.

The objective here is to come across as reliable rather than self-serving. You never know what valuable promotional opportunities this could open up later down the line.

Narrow your focus to sites likelier to welcome alliances

Which websites should you approach for links in the first place? You can get a good idea by researching which high domain authority websites are already linking to at least one of your competitors. Websites that do link in this way might welcome linking to you, too.

This can help you to get your relationship with each of your chosen sites off to a good start. At Webahead Internet, we can also carry out link building on your behalf if you select our Advanced package for web marketers.

Little things that can go a surprisingly long way in web design
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