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Could your web copy benefit from the new iPads rumoured for October?

For a while, Apple’s iPad lineup has felt stranded in what you might call “a period of transition”, with many of the tablets striving — but also somewhat struggling — to deliver a laptop-like experience. Fortunately, a major breakthrough might be about to happen in this area.

Rumours suggest that Apple is preparing to hold a new iPad launch event in October, where multiple exciting additions to the iPad range will be officially announced. What has been rumoured for these devices has promising implications for web copywriters…

Do you really need a new iPad?

If you already have an iPad which you regularly use to produce fresh web content, you might understandably wonder whether investing in new iPad hardware would really be able to facilitate meaningful improvements in the quality of this written work.

After all, a high number of existing iPad models — including the very first iPad Pro dating back to 2015 — will be eligible to receive iPadOS 16 as a free upgrade later this year. This particular software release was formally unveiled in June.

As a result, many details of what iPadOS 16 is set to include are already public knowledge. However, one of the more headline-grabbing features — the multitasking system Stage Manager — is controversially limited to only a select few recent iPad models.

Would Stage Manager warrant you buying a new iPad?

On compatible iPads, Stage Manager enables the user to resize windows, centre a window in the middle of the screen and create overlapping windows of various sizes. 

Those are just some examples of the functions available — but they will only be available on iPads powered by the M1 chip. So, if you haven’t bought a high-end iPad recently, and perhaps even if you have, you might be unable to start routinely using Stage Manager. 

What can we expect from new iPads coming later this year?

It is thought that, in October, two new iPad Pro models — representing 11- and 12.9-inch screen sizes — will break cover and each feature an M2 processor.

If you have long been deterred from purchasing any iPad Pro units due to the relatively high asking price, you could be heartened to know that Apple’s entry-level iPad will also be getting a successor, with this iPad boasting a USB-C port.

Hence, you will be able to connect the iPad to a modern external display like Apple’s own Studio Display. A good-sized screen like this could help you to get a lot of writing work done quickly on the tablet, but this experience looks likely to be better still on the upcoming new iPad Pro units.

That’s because Stage Manager will enable external displays to enhance the multitasking options even more significantly on these particularly sophisticated iPads.

Still, you might be able to improve the quality of your website’s written content yet further by simply arranging for digital copywriters from our team to pen this copy on your behalf. This can also help you to save time you could have otherwise ended up devoting to setting up a new iPad.

Could your web copy benefit from the new iPads rumoured for October
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