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Are you content with your marketing content? 5 things worth including in it

In 1996, tech businessman Bill Gates — at that time the CEO of Microsoft — wrote an article where he insisted that “content is king”, predicting that content would become a major source of revenue made through the then-nascent internet.

In the decades since, this prediction has certainly been proven accurate. However, the type of content an online marketer ‘should’ make has arguably changed with the times. Here are five forms of content that you ought not to omit from a modern digital marketing strategy.

Video content 

These days, there is hardly a shortage of platforms to which your brand could post video content. TikTok’s mammoth popularity has continued apace, while YouTube remains a go-to place for many people seeking videos ranging from film trailers to pre-recorded tutorials.

With video, you can expand on concepts that could be too tricky for many members of your target audience to follow simply by reading chunks of text. For example, a fitness brand could dedicate a series of videos to demonstrating techniques for various swimming strokes.


Podcasts work very much like radio shows or e-books, in the sense that you merely listen to them and they don’t provide any moving images to go with the audio. 

Many people can easily stream podcasts on platforms including Spotify and Apple Podcasts and listen to the shows while undertaking routine tasks like housework or commuting.

Hence, producing podcasts could help your brand to get its messages through to people who have busy lives preventing them from paying too much attention to other kinds of promotional material.

Long-form articles 

With the specialist experience you have in your field of work, you probably have more than a few insights that target customers of yours would be able to benefit from.

However, it might not really do justice to these insights if you attempt to share them simply via short and snappy status updates on social media. Fortunately, we have digital copywriters who would be able to, on your behalf, write lengthy articles revealing the breadth of your expertise.

Email marketing 

Contrary to what you may think, GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) rules could well have made email marketing an even more powerful marketing tool than it was before.

That’s because you now know that everyone on your company’s email marketing list will have actively decided to keep receiving the content you send out through it. A customer who is already engaged with your brand is likely to be receptive to the idea of buying regularly from you.

Landing pages 

A landing page is so-called as it is a specific webpage where a visitor ‘lands’ after clicking on a marketing link — whether that has been posted in an email, on social media or anywhere else.

We can provide you with a Content Management System (SMS) with which you would be able to easily add landing pages to your website. Each of these landing pages should be geared towards helping visitors in the manner originally pledged by the link that led to the page.

Are you content with your marketing content 5 things worth including in it
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