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Don’t worry – here are 5 types of work that thrive in a pandemic

Recently, we shared a few pointers for how you could (at least somewhat) coronavirus-proof your marketing as the public health crisis continues its grip. However, what if you’re still worried about customers or clients potentially plugging the plug – even just temporarily – on buying from you while they wait out the pandemic?

We’re here to put you at ease. Here are five examples of industries that tend to grow from a pandemic – giving you some useful ideas for which areas of specialism your business could move into if it isn’t there already.

Making fitness apps and videos

With gyms, leisure centres and yoga studios having closed en masse, it raises the question of how people are supposed to stay fit – and so, helpfully, boost their immunity against the coronavirus – without leaving their homes.

However, if you run a traditional fitness facility, you could still set up online training classes, perhaps delivered via live video feed. You could even develop an app detailing steps for exercises that wouldn’t require followers to, say, have their own swimming pool in their home or garden.

Supplying medical supplies

Demand for hand sanitiser is obviously high at the moment, but there are also many other medical products you could consider selling for beating your customers’ coronavirus-induced blues. Face masks and at-home test kits are options, as are medical alert bracelets.

All the same, with many people tightening their belts and limited in their outdoor exercise, you might want to be cautious about stocking high-end fitness trackers like the Apple Watch.

Providing meditation apps and courses

It can feel like coronavirus-related panic has spread more quickly than the virus itself, but people can’t easily think clearly and rationally when panic-stricken. Therefore, you can help them to counter the Covid-19 threat if you provide them with resources educating on how to stay calm.

While the presence of the coronavirus lingers, you can expect downloads of mindfulness-related apps and online courses to soar, opening up opportunities for companies in the wellness field.

Professional development coaching  

The coronavirus is hitting the world hard economically, too – leading more of us to look for new job opportunities. However, whether many people will quite have the skills required to take on the particular positions they have their eyes on remains its own question.

You could help out those people by training them in personal or professional development, including such strategies as making money and spurring increased business or sales.

Selling online  

The world of e-commerce has taken on a renewed relevance in our challenging times. Given reports of existing online retailers often having to delay fulfilling orders as demand becomes overwhelming, you could do your bit to meet some of that demand by establishing your own e-commerce arm.

Setting up an online store is easier than you might think. Buying an e-commerce web design package from Webahead Internet would give you a template easy for your staff to update with product listings as new stock comes in. Phone us on 01325 582112 to find out more.

Don’t worry – here are 5 types of work that thrive in a pandemic

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