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How to benefit from email marketing

Email marketing is one of the most effective methods of communicating with your audience – but after growing your mailing list, it can be difficult to know where to begin. Below, we offer some of the ways in which you can benefit from email marketing.

Add a call to action

There’s little point in sending out an email campaign without including a clear call to action – otherwise, your customers won’t react to your marketing messages. Whether that’s asking them to click for a discount code, visit your new blog or order from a new range, there are lots of ways that you can boost your calls to action and get the results you need.

Segment your audience

Most email marketing services allow you to segment your audience into age, location and interest groups, so use such tools if you want to increase the effectiveness of your campaigns. If, for example, you run an online clothing store, then it makes sense to send your men’s sale email to your male customers only. The more information you can gather about your audience, the more targeted your promotional messages can become – software like MailChimp and Aweber can help.

Rely on A/B testing

Email services offer tools that allow you to test your campaigns, so use them to your advantage. A/B testing allows you to send out emails to a sample of your audience and provides results on which was more effective. Optimising your content is one of the best ways of boosting engagement and ensuring success from your digital marketing strategy, so take the time to run tests.

Personalise your language

Emails are meant to be personal, so use friendly, engaging language to get results from your campaigns. Most services allow you to insert names and other information directly into your copy so that you can say hello to each of your mailing list subscribers by name. Remember to write for your audience rather than to them, and seek feedback from loyal customers if you’re not sure whether or not you are addressing them in the correct manner.

Promote your discounts

There’s little point in building a subscriber base if you don’t use it to promote your products, so go all out and let your customers know that you mean business. When you run a sale, send out an email to let your customers know – and use urgent language such as ‘limited time offer’ to ensure they click through and buy something. Capitalised subjects, emojis and red graphics can increase your chances of sales success, so play around with your emails and see what works for your customers.

However, remember not to send too many emails. It’s not appropriate to send out an email every time you launch a new product or change a price, as your customers are likely to get annoyed and unsubscribe – damaging your brand’s reputation and losing you an all-important customer.

To build a subscriber base, you need a great looking website with clear calls to action and subscription boxes. If you’d like to work with Webahead, click here to get in touch for a free quote.


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