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Get the picture – the importance of good photographs for your website

In many of our blog posts, we’ve emphasised the importance of good quality, freshly written content for your website and it’s crucial – but it’s also important to have good quality images too.

The impact of images  

Remember that phrase about a picture being worth a thousand words? Well, it’s true when it comes to your website too. Images make an impact – quickly.

Think of the news bulletins, we can all remember a few stories that have stuck in our minds, and they tend to do so in a visual way. It can happen positively too, like when you’re given a drawing, a photograph of friends or family; or that moment when you step into an exhibition.

When you surf on the internet, images are one of the things that make one web page stand out from another; and sometimes make you choose one page over another; and that’s why it’s so important to have good photographs on your website.

Your images      

It may be you already have promotional photographs of your business that you can distribute across your website – and that’s the ideal. Photographs that are of good quality, show what you do and are specific to your company are what you should gather first and foremost.

Stand out from the crowd

Photos that are unique to your business are best, as they carry more weight, showing projects you’ve worked on or the specific services you provide. Also, commission your own photographs, and they’ll stand out from the crowd, looking different to absolutely everything else available on the internet; and given the amount of content on the web – that couldn’t be more important.

Give emphasis to your message

A good photograph also emphasises the message you are trying to get across, like good customer service for example. You can show the team who’ll answer the phone when a customer calls or those who are out in the field providing the service. Making a brand seem, well, more personal.

Image sources for your website

If you don’t have the budget for a professional photographer do try taking some images yourself, just keep them as high resolution as possible and as simple as possible – the less busy, the better; and there’s lots of advice online to help.

Otherwise there are image libraries from which you can purchase photographs at a very reasonable rate, like Shutterstock; in fact look around, and you’ll even find some image libraries that make their stock available for free, like those from freerange or Pexels. Just check that any images you choose are available for commercial use.

Don’t miss an opportunity

Also when uploading your images onto your website, don’t forget to label them; and make those labels specific and unique – as it all helps with your website’s SEO.

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