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A little hocus pocus for your website

Boo! You’ve probably noticed that in our blogs we frequently mention the importance of refreshing your website content. Well, Halloween is almost upon us, and that gives us the perfect excuse to show you how you can harness celebrations and the changing seasons to refresh your content marketing.

Seasonal blog posts

Have difficulty finding ideas for new blog posts? Then consider how your business or your customers needs change throughout the year. So if you run a garage you might write about  – “How to ensure your car’s ready for winter”, alternatively if you’re a travel agent you could advise on “The best locations for an autumn break”. Alternatively, should you run a homeware shop then you could blog about “Interior design trends for Autumn 2017” – see how it goes? The changing seasons provide a myriad of possibilities for updating your website, but here are a few more ideas to help should you need them.

Timely customer questions

Also, give some thought to the questions your customer most frequently ask you and see if any of them relate to the seasons, weather or celebrations; then address these concerns in a post. That way you’ll make your posts and hence your website, timely, relevant and up-to-date – which is all to the good when it comes to your business coming up well in search engine results.

Marketing and promotions

Make the most of your marketing and promotions; give thought to how you can tie in your current campaigns and activity to special celebrations and the seasons, so they are timely and relevant. Halloween, Christmas and Mother’s Day provide lots of opportunity for all of the above. “Step into a winter wonderland at…” or “For spooky family fun go along to…” etc. Even if you don’t change the offers at all, just the way you present them or the lead in line you use on social media, for example, it could help engage your audience anew.

Graphics, images and photos

It’s not just your words you can update seasonally, but your images too; you may even have the option to add special effects, like falling snow or autumn leaves to your website too.

Add a new image to each new blog you write, make it seasonal, specific and yours, rather than one from an image library, label it well; and it too will help your search engine results. So you offer a gutter cleaning service? Then pop up a photo of a gutter full of Autumn leaves for a while.

Need a little inspiration?

Look online, and you’ll find numerous sources of inspirational quotes to help galvanise your creativity, search by a key word like Halloween or Christmas and see what comes up. However, always keep your content relevant and helpful; don’t use novelty for novelty’s sake.

To refresh or rebuild your website contact the team at Webahead, and your audience will be sure to be spell bound.


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