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Has Google’s Medic Update hit your site? Here’s how to nurse it back to SEO health

These days, the Internet is a fantastic repository of free advice on a huge variety of health and wellbeing matters. Issues that, generations ago, might have seemed to warrant a visit to the GP can now be rectified quickly with a Google search – and Google itself knows it.

That seems to be why, last year, the search giant tweaked its algorithm with the “Medic Update”, which left noticeably altered search rankings for YMYL (Your Money Your Life) sites in its wake. It’s all part of Google’s mission to help its users find sites that prove genuinely beneficial to their health or wellbeing.

Unfortunately, though, if you haven’t done enough to show Google why your own YMYL site deserves respect, that site’s rankings and traffic might have dropped. Try these remedies…

Show your expertise

Google assigns higher SEO rankings to sites run by people who are experts in their fields. That doesn’t strictly mean that you need to hold a First Class degree from Oxbridge, as Google acknowledges that people with enough of the right life experiences are experts, too.

However, you might need to jump through quite a few hoops to impress Google with your knowhow – especially if your site is focused on scientific or medical subjects. Hence, it can be beneficial to show that third-party experts back your views or highly rate products or services that you offer.

You can show exactly that by publishing reviews from such gurus on your site. You might even welcome regular guest articles from these people.

Demonstrate your authority

One reason why Google would look favourably on your inclusion of other experts’ opinions is that the search giant wants to see that your advice is based on established, scientific consensus in the relevant field. In striking relationships with gurus, you could strengthen your authority, too.

While authority is not quite the same subject as expertise, it is closely linked. Building up backlinks could particularly help you to enhance your site’s authority in Google’s eyes; make sure, for example, that highly-regarded external sources link to your site.

Google can also perceive you as more authoritative if your site is plentiful in content. If that site currently looks a little bare, our SEO copywriting services could help you to fill it. Impart your pearls of wisdom, and we will put them into engrossing words for you.

Foster trust

You can do this by designing your site in such a way that it is quickly obvious what it is – including who owns it – and what it stands for. In providing helpfully descriptive information, you can do much to prevent Google from thinking that you are pulling the wool over your visitors’ eyes.

Let’s assume, for example, that your site is focused on mental health. Your visitors need to glean the impression of such upon landing on that site’s homepage. If they don’t, the website’s design might be at fault – in which case, we could edit it for you. Ring us on 01325 582112 for details about how.

Has Google's Medic Update hit your site? Here's how to nurse it back to SEO health
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