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Ho, ho, SEO: how to wish your customers well this Christmas

“Happy Christmas!” You’re bound to start seeing this message popping up on your social media feeds quite often, if it hasn’t started happening already. Social media is a convenient place for many businesses – including yours – to post this kind of message, as even relatively casual customers could then easily see it.

However, since many of your firm’s competitors are likely to post such timely content, how can you make yours stand out – or at least promising in converting customers who do engage with it?

Work to your chosen social media platform’s strengths

What you should do for your Christmas post evidently depends on the social media platform for which it is destined.

For example, research suggests that, if this platform is Facebook, you are likely to spur relatively strong engagement by posting an album of images. Meanwhile, on Instagram, videos seemingly perform better than albums in fostering engagement.

Avoid linking to temporary pages

If you’ve set up a specifically festive-themed webpage, it would naturally make sense for you to link to this in a ‘Happy Christmas’ post. Still, you should be careful not to delete or disable this webpage once the Christmas period has well and truly passed.

Otherwise, you will lose all SEO value and link equity garnered from this webpage – whereas, if you keep it all year around, you could build on this page’s established SEO profile as Christmas approaches again.

Invest in PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising

One particular benefit of doing this now that Christmas Day 2021 is pretty close is that PPC advertising tends to work relatively quickly, since Google – or whatever other PPC platform you do choose for the ads – will do a lot of the heavy lifting for you.

When using the PPC platform in question, you would largely just have to specify how much you are willing to pay for the ads and what keywords and audience you wish to target with them.

Draw attention to your best-performing products

Yes, if you run an online store, it might currently be stocking a fair few Christmas-specific products right now – like Christmas tree decorations, wreaths and the like.

However, even when entrenching your post in a festive theme, you should remember to set aside space to highlight those of your products that have proved reliable sellers right throughout the year, as doing so could assist you in driving yet more traffic to your online listings for these products.

Inspect the post carefully for technical wrinkles before you post it

Imagine how depressing and frustrating it could be if you spent a significant amount of time preparing and writing your ‘Happy Christmas’ message, only to realise a few days after posting it that it contains a major error. Worse, it could have lost you a lot of potential custom during this traditional busy trading period.

So, before publishing your Christmas post, comb it carefully in search of any spelling errors, broken links or similar blunders. We have digital copywriters who could both write and proofread your festive copy for you.

Ho, ho, SEO how to wish your customers well this Christmas

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