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How Google is giving eco-friendly companies an edge on the SEO front

Your company might already be taking many green measures — from using recycled paper to making sure computers are turned off at the wall, rather than merely put to sleep, in evenings.

Your business would have good reason to be proud that it is doing its bit for our planet’s health as well as generating cost savings. Also, running a green business can even reap SEO benefits. 

This is largely due to Google, as the search giant has introduced a raft of measures making eco-conscious companies easier to find and identify. Here are just some examples of those features and how your own corporate entity would be able to capitalise on them.

Recycling attributes on Google Business Profiles

You might already be familiar with Google Business Profiles, which let Google users learn a wealth of basic information about merchants — including names, locations, addresses and contact details — from just quickly perusing search results. 

Our SEO experts can help you to set up a Google Business Profile — or even several if you have multiple business locations and are seeking a profile for each one. We can even go as far as adding recycling attributes to Google Business Profiles on clients’ behalf. 

That way, if these companies offer onsite amenities for use in recycling electronics, batteries and plastic and glass bottles, people will be able to speedily unearth this information when the companies’ profiles pop up in Google searches. 

“Battery industry research suggests 80% of consumers would like to recycle batteries, but a lack of awareness of how and where to do so is a significant barrier to action,” Duracell sustainability manager Gavin Cunningham has revealed on the Think with Google website.

EV charging stations on Google Maps

Does your business have numerous EV (electric vehicle) charging points installed on the premises and available for clients or customers to use? 

If not, you might want to change that — as people can now use Google Maps to search for ‘EV charging’ and see data (where it is available) about EV charging docks in the local area. 

When your business offers onsite EV charging highlighted on Maps, you can attract interest from customers who own EVs but sometimes struggle to find practical ways of recharging them. 

After all, if you were an EV driver and your vehicle needed recharging, you could take a lot of comfort from simply leaving it recharging just outside the building of the kind of business you knew you were going to visit anyway.

Don’t underestimate the marketing power of green credentials 

Concern about the planet’s future has noticeably grown, with 78% of UK adults in Google surveys having reckoned climate change to be as concerning as the cost-of-living crisis.

As many people also evidently know, though, platitudes alone don’t suffice; it is also time for action, with ‘recycling’ having cemented itself as a popular Google search topic

If you are wondering how to excel at capturing traffic from searchers prioritising sustainability, we would warmly welcome you getting into contact with our digital marketing gurus.

How Google is giving eco-friendly companies an edge on the SEO front
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