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5 reasons to weave niche keywords into your SEO strategy

It stands to reason that a vague term broad in meaning will — compared to something more targeted and specific — feature in many more Google searches. For example, ‘mens swimwear’ is bound to usher in a lot more traffic than ‘mens blue swimming trunks’.

However, it doesn’t strictly follow that those wider-definition keywords are the only ones you ought to insert into your web copy. Here are several compelling reasons why niche keywords, too, deserve a place — or, to be more literal, several places — in that text.

The more specific the keyword, the more easily it could spur a conversion 

There’s a simple reason behind this: people who use niche keywords in Google search queries tend to do so because they are looking for something very specific. These people aren’t merely ‘browsing’ or ‘window shopping’; a lot of the time, they are determined to actually make a purchase.

Capturing web traffic from such focused queries as these could put you in prime position to turn an abundance of people who visit your website into paying customers.

Niche keywords make it easier to discern search intent 

Let’s assume that you run a plumbing company in Durham. It would make sense for you to populate your website with content where keywords like ‘Durham plumbing’ and ‘plumbers Durham’ are sprinkled in — but some webpages will call for keywords narrower in focus.

Those pages would include some centred on individual services, like servicing boilers and installing showers — since people who choose to land on those pages in the first place may well want very particular things from your company.

It’s surprisingly easy to unearth ideas for niche keywords 

For a start, you could leverage the online tool Google Trends. This basically allows you to see what search terms are being used especially often by people wanting the kinds of things your company offers.

Even just a glance at these terms could get cogs in your brain whirring enough for you to speedily garner a wealth of enticing keyword ideas. By way of example, if you notice ‘UK inflation’ trending, why not put that keyword into blog posts packed with tips on how to save money when shopping?

You can effectively reach out to local audiences 

Another plus point of Google Trends is its regional interest feature, where you can see how usage of particular keyword phrases varies between a number of geographical areas.

With information like this at your disposal, you could not only identify areas where members of your target audience are primarily based but also produce specialist content to suit.

PPC advertising is less expensive when based on niche keywords 

Many webmasters deem the broader keywords more worthy of inclusion in a PPC advertising campaign. As a result, bidding is more competitive for those keywords, leaving them pricier than comparatively obscure alternatives.

If your marketing budget is tight, then, a PPC advertising campaign built on niche keywords could help you to make the most of it. Feel free to approach Webahead Internet to draw upon our PPC expertise.

5 reasons to weave niche keywords into your SEO strategy
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