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How long will it take for your online advertising to bear fruit?

Many businesses pour money into advertising for the simple reason that it works. What isn’t always so clear, however, is exactly how long it will take to work.

To use a topical analogy, advertising is, in a sense, like taking a COVID-19 vaccination. Much like your body can take some time to build up immunity to COVID-19 following vaccination, your company’s website might not start garnering a noticeable increase in conversions or sales until weeks after you started advertising.

However, this analogy falters in one important respect: there isn’t as much of a science to when advertising starts working. A raft of variables would come into play, such as what you are advertising and where.

What do you intend to advertise?

You might have previously approached marketing executives who tell you that results from advertising won’t start materialising for weeks or even months. However, while it’s true that you should give the advertising a certain amount of time to work, the required ramp-up time could be shorter than you expect.

If you will be marketing a high-end service costing tens of thousands of pounds, your advertising will struggle to spur many purchases in the near future. This is because the service on offer would hardly constitute an impulse buy; many people would have to think long and hard about paying the asking price.

However, if you run a restaurant and will be promoting an exciting new addition to the menu, your advertising is likely to work more quickly – as choosing to eat out is very much a spur-of-the-moment thing.

Disentangling the advertising from other factors

Even if you do see an uptick in revenue, though, how are you supposed to reliably discern that your advertising was responsible for it? The task would be easier were you to sell through an online store, which would allow you to see the initial – if any – fruits of your advertising labours in just a few days.

If you don’t yet offer any of your products or services through an online store, we can establish an ecommerce site for you, providing you with its “skeleton” in the form of essential webpages.

If you don’t see results quickly, will they appear at all?

Most online advertising campaigns will reap some kind of return within a week. Nonetheless, once you have launched a campaign, it would be a good rule of thumb to wait two weeks. If the campaign still doesn’t seem to bear fruit, consider spending a little more on it.

Once you start seeing a meaningful effect and appear to have struck upon a winning formula, stick with it until it stops working. When that does happen, the advertising platform’s algorithm could be at fault, or your target audience could simply be suffering ad fatigue, where they tire of seeing the same ad repeatedly.

On the whole, though, it’s unlikely that you would have to face a multiple-month wait just for results from online advertising. We can implement PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising to help you get results sooner.

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