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Struggling to come up with blog post ideas? Give these tricks a go

While starting and regularly updating a blog is a tried-and-trusted way to boost a website’s SEO profile, it might not be too long before you find yourself constantly cranking out blog posts on overly similar subjects. How are you supposed to come up with something that feels genuinely new?

Here are a few things you could do that wouldn’t require you to download any software or jump through too many time-consuming hoops – making all of these tips and tricks beginner-friendly.

Set aside some time to brainstorm

If you’ve noticed that many of your best ideas tend to form in your head when you’re on the toilet, one good reason why could be that your mind is more naturally inclined to wander when you’re there. After all, you wouldn’t – at that time – be engaged in hectic work or frantically chasing a deadline.

However, you could instil that toilet mindset into yourself even when you aren’t on the toilet – by holding a brainstorm where you just write down whatever comes to mind.

Check what your audience is saying on social

Since your brand probably already has its own pages on such social platforms as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, this could be an especially easy tip to follow.

You could check what people are saying on social media as they mention your brand or use hashtags relevant to your industry. You should also scroll through replies made to any comments that do draw your eye.

See how people are replying to your posts, too 

If your brand has its own social media pages, you are probably regularly posting new material to them, too – or at least should be. If you are doing this, you should see how your followers have reacted to your news updates, product announcements, opinion polls or whatever else you have posted there.

As you dive into the comments sections, you could even see people explicitly suggesting ideas for future blog posts. Maybe someone says they like your article but would like to see it written from a different angle?

Ask staff in your sales and customer service departments

These are employees who directly interact with your customers and target audience and thus should have a good understanding of their pain points. Once you have a similar understanding, you could use it to inform blog posts further down the line.

Your sales staff could assist you in discerning what would initially attract people to your brand, while your customer service representatives might know what kind of textual content would inspire loyalty in existing customers.

Ask us to write your blog posts!

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