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How often should you overhaul your website’s design?

We hope you’re making good progress with your New Year resolutions, whatever they are… or were. Those resolutions might include refreshing various aspects of your digital marketing strategy; however, if those aspects include your website’s design, is now really the right time to revamp it?

That question could warrant a resounding “yes”, but it’s not always obvious how regularly a website’s design should be shown the exit door. We reckon that you should probably act if…

Your website’s design is older than your smartphone

Your website needs to be new, functional and convenient; if it isn’t ticking all of those boxes, it has probably reached the end of its ‘shelf life’. The shelf life of a typical brand’s website tends to elapse between 18 and 30 months – or roughly 1.5 and 2.5 years.

It’s usually over that kind of timescale that many of us keep the same smartphone before upgrading – so if a nice new model of phone has caught your eye, perhaps a website redesign is also in order.

Your business or site has been dropping in popularity

Naturally, you could be tempted to slam hard on the panic button when you first see business – or your site’s profile in search results – dropping after a long and sustained period of success. However, redesigning your site could prove to be all that you need to do to reverse that drop.

Still, exactly how your site should be redesigned will depend on the issue you want rectifying. In consultation with you, our expert web designers could provide a few pointers.

The site’s design gives off an ageing, outdated air

Sometimes, when you walk into a building, you can sense its age straight away. Perhaps paint is peeling in a few places, or the overall design of the kitchen looks a little too ’90s. A website, too, can betray its age if various elements of that site have long been awaiting updates.

For example, if you’re still using flashing banners or traffic counters that wouldn’t have looked out of place during the web’s infancy, you should find ways of modernising your site to spark more visits.

The site isn’t intuitive to use

You might have experience of looking thoroughly around a site in search of just that little piece of valuable information you need, only to find that it’s under a pile of jargon-heavy text or on a particular page where you hadn’t anticipated seeing it.

These kinds of things can happen when you use a website that hasn’t been sensibly designed with the user experience in mind. However, we can put the important parts in the right order for you.

You can see ways of future-proofing your site’s design

Maybe your site isn’t easy to update regularly, or it scales poorly on various screen sizes. These would be signs that your site isn’t fully primed for a successful road ahead – but if you call us on 01325 582112, you can learn how we can put in place future-proof infrastructure for your website.

How often should you overhaul your website's design?
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