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The gift of love: Valentine’s Day marketing tips that work for everyone

With more than a month since Christmas, the next major event that will pop up on the majority of marketing calendars is almost upon us.

And like Christmas, Valentine’s Day is an easy one to tap into. As the majority of people are already engaged by it, in some way (or perhaps plan to become engaged on it), you’ll be tapping into an audience that’s already switched on and waiting for offers.

Don’t leave it too late

Yet another trait Valentine’s Day shares with that big event at the end of December is in shopping habits. As always, there are those who leave buying gifts and booking locations until the last minute – but to make the most out of this marketing opportunity you need to get in early.

This could even be an angle – reminding your customers that while they shouldn’t leave Valentine’s plans too late, neither should they leave it too long before buying your product or service. There is always a benefit of ‘buying now’, so encourage your customers to make their move before it’s too late.

Show them your love

Your email and social media marketing is the perfect place for you to start showing your customers how much you adore them. Send them an offer that lasts until Valentine’s Day, and add a little romantic sparkle to your brand with some creative graphic design flair.

Two-for-One offers capture the essence of Valentine’s Day perfectly, and also give you the ideal opportunity to slash the price of any old stock. Similarly, it’s the opportunity to increase engagement with your services, and introduce more people to what you offer.

And share a little of it too

Is there something you could do for a local charity? Perhaps giving a little love to an animal shelter or homeless charity, for instance? A little social responsibility can go a long way at any time of year, but sending love to those who need it most can be excellent for your PR.

Consider sending a share of your revenue, or providing a free service, to a charity in your area this Valentine’s Day and let people know what your business is passionate about.

Incentivise with a prize

For more engagement with your social media channels, you could invite your customers to create a little content of their own. Ask them to share stories of how they met their partner, or the best/worst Valentine’s Day experience they’ve ever had.

Do look out for the more risqué comments that could be published, and focus on keeping things at lighthearted and loving as possible. With the potential reward of a prize, or gift card on offer, this is a great way to increase engagement with your online presence.

Find a new partner

Business partner, that is! In a similar vein to the 2-for-1 offer, why not tap into the emotion of people coming together, by collaborating with another business for a short campaign. This means instantly tapping into new customers, and perhaps doubling your reach.

You don’t even have to be compatible, or in the same business either. The ‘opposite’s attract’ angle also taps into Valentine’s Day, and adds a little intriguing quirk to your brand too. If you need any advice in improving and implementing your marketing strategies, give us a call today on 01325 582112.

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