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How these new features on Facebook Pages can boost your local business

If you avidly promote your local business on Facebook, you probably largely do so through a Facebook Page dedicated to your company. Indeed, over 80 million businesses advertise themselves through Facebook, says the social media site itself – and Pages are a big part of that equation.

In recognition of the prominence of Pages, Facebook has introduced a raft of fresh functionality to let businesses leverage them even more effectively. So, how should you use the new features?

Reduce the friction in customers’ transactions

As online marketing gurus, we know that, the more barriers we remove between a prospective customer noticing your company and subsequently purchasing from it, the better.

Facebook is now allowing businesses to add, to their Pages, labelled buttons that, when clicked, initiate a customer transaction. Whether that be ordering a takeaway, booking a massage or buying something else, Facebook is letting customers on mobile do it right from the Page.

Unofficially recruit customers as brand ambassadors

You probably already know the great power of a positive testimonial, but you don’t have to just leave it on your website. In fact, you can foster a strong influx of on-Page Recommendations.

You might be well-accustomed to Recommendations – where names, locations and reviews automatically pop up in a comments feed when friends advocate local businesses. Well, Recommendations can now be posted directly to your Page, where your prospects can see them.

Tell your company’s story – or, should we say, Facebook Stories

The immersive medium of visual storytelling called Stories that originated on Snapchat has been replicated on Facebook, where you can use it to provide Facebook users with a fascinating insight into your business. Perhaps you want to show how your cafe’s croissants are made, for example?

However, the real story – if you will excuse the inadvertent pun – here is that your Page’s visitors can now load your local brand Facebook Story simply by clicking on the Page’s profile picture.

Smooth the path along which your customers can find you

On occasions that you have casually checked Facebook through the mobile app, you might have noticed a section called “Local”. Here, various details about your business – including its location, hours and reviews – will appear to the view of consumers who live near where you firm is based.

From the Local section, they wouldn’t have to journey far to land on your company’s Page, where they could learn even more information – perhaps enough to tempt them into buying.

Let tickets be sold directly through Events

Admittedly, this is a change to Facebook’s Events functionality rather than Pages specifically, but you might habitually promote Events on your Page as you fill out your firm’s upcoming schedule.

If you promote a ticketed event in this way, it’s now possible to let people buy tickets directly through the Event page. You might still need help with tailoring your Facebook Page to encourage as many visits as possible, but we can help with that if you dial Webahead Internet on 01325 582112.

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