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Which features will give my website credibility?

Speak to anybody older than 18 and they’ll tell you that their era was when everything happened the quickest and made the biggest impact. Anyone who grew up from the sixties to the nineties can give examples of monumental changes – and those were the days before the Internet!

 “The Internet changed everything” is an overused phrase but it happens to be true. A Google algorithm change can put knock a website from the top of the search rankings to page three, which while a popular destination in 1988 is effectively Outer Mongolia 30 years later.

Great design and quality content never go out of fashion for any website but there are certain key components every website has to have in order to have any credibility with a busy, impatient audience.

 Here’s our list of the top five features every website needs to get and keep an impatient modern audience: –

 Security – In this age of hacking, data breaches and GDPR – security should be front and centre of any website to let the audience know that they can trust you with their data, details and ultimately money. Every website should have basic security checks and privacy protocols as well as a robust and responsive policy to any client enquiries or concerns.

 Speed – Context is everything. Wait ten seconds for a cup of tea, that’s pretty good service. Wait ten seconds for a page to load, you’ll be annoyed! Websites should be built with quick loading times at a premium for all users on all devices and browsers. You can check your website speed with Google Page Speed Insights which will also give tips on how to improve your load times.

 Screen Size – Most web traffic now takes place on a smartphone or tablet rather than a big desktop screen. Your website should be mobile optimised, responsive and accessible no matter what size screen it’s being viewed on.

 Social – A site without social media icons or integration really stands out these days – for the wrong reasons! People like to share their discoveries on their own social pages so make it as easy as possible for them to do it and get the good word out about you. If you have a social media presence, it should be integrated with your website wherever possible so flipping between the website and Facebook, Twitter or Instagram is seamless.

 SEO – is not a four-letter word although it can sometimes feel like it trying to boost your website’s position on Google and Bing. Every website has two audiences – humans and browsers. Humans love compelling, readable, quality content while browsers prefer on-page SEO tags, page elements like schema, XML sitemaps and tags. If you can combine both then you’ll be hitting the heights of page one sooner than you think.

 These are the website design commandments we obey when building and optimising any website as well as our own tried and tested techniques. Call us on 01325 582112 for a chat and we’ll tell you what we can do for you and your website right now.

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