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How to make use of Instagram stories and multiple-image posts for your business

So many businesses are not only utilising Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to showcase their company and increase brand awareness, but they are also vocal on Instagram. New updates mean users can now upload multiple images in a single post, and share temporary images and videos through Instagram stories. Some even speculate Instagram stories will eventually bring about the downfall of Snapchat, (helped, of course, by Kylie Jenner announcing she doesn’t use Snapchat anymore, causing stocks to lose $1.3 billion in market value overnight!).

The question is, how exactly can you use Instagram stories and multiple-image posts effectively for your business?

Multiple-image posts

Visual content is dominating social media, and on no site more so than Instagram. Visual has been proven to drive engagement, and sites like Facebook even prioritise images and videos. Instagram makes it easy to share visual storytelling and their multiple-image posts have taken this to the next level.

You can use the carousels to showcase your brand and to show people your achievements rather than just tell people about them. On Instagram, they can fully emerge themselves in your brand. Here are some of the best ways to make use of multiple-image posts.

  1. Create a tutorial post for a new product.
  2. Show your customers all the different ways they can use your product.
  3. Show how your company has grown.
  4. Show before and after photos.
  5. Add event highlights.
  6. Show users engaging with your products.
  7. Create your very own panorama.
  8. Create longer videos.

Instagram stories

Similarly, while Instagram has become increasingly popular due to the multiple-image posts, Instagram stories are also a massive hit, but how can you utilise them? Listed below are just some of the ways you can engage with your audience on Instagram stories.

  1. Live stream an event and share your location.
  2. Build up excitement for an event or new product.
  3. Shout about specific offers or discounts.
  4. Give behind the scenes, more informal insights into your company.
  5. Sign up for an Instagram story take over.
  6. Give teasers of upcoming products.
  7. Run Q&A sessions.
  8. Use polls to find out more about your audience, get essential feedback and increase engagement.

Instagram now gives users the option of curating their stories into ‘Highlights’. This means you can keep the best bits on your page and separate them into categories. This makes your efforts on Instagram less temporary


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