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Spring cleaning tips for your social media accounts

Spring is finally here, and chances are you might already have started (or finished!) Spring cleaning your home, but have you thought about Spring cleaning other areas of your life? We’ve got some tip tops for Spring cleaning your company’s social media accounts to help you create fresh content, set new goals and ultimately find a strategy that works for your business.

Have a clear out

Are you still using old logos or out of date pictures? It’s time to have a big clear out and make sure everything you are posting is accurate and relevant. It is also essential to ensure your social media bios are up to date and include the right links and accurate information.

Make sure you are only using the right size images for each of your channels and are making unique content regularly.

Set new goals

When you first set up your company’s accounts, you probably set a number of goals. If you’ve reached the goals or forgotten about them altogether, now is the time to set new ones. Try to set weekly or monthly goals as well as long term goals to ensure you stay on track, as yearly goals can often feel unreachable. It might be that you feel your original goals still apply but just need some tweaking.

Rethink your strategy

Just like goals, it is also likely you established a strategy when you first set up your accounts. Now you are established on social media, you might need to freshen up your strategy. If your business has expanded and has new goals, your social media needs to reflect this and focus on the same areas. Remember, there are no short cuts in social media and establishing a strategy is essential.

Focus your efforts 

It might be that you have accounts on a whole range of platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google+, and more, but you might be spreading yourself too thin. Many businesses choose instead to focus their efforts on the platforms they find key for their industry, rather than compromising on quality.


It might be that you want to designate one member of your team to run your accounts. This person should set a content calendar to ensure they are posting regularly and reaching your goals. Assigning one member to the task ensures consistency and avoids repetition. Alternatively, you might wish to use a digital marketing agency who can help you achieve the goals you discuss.


If you decide to run the accounts yourself, you should ensure you always keep up to date with changes to the platforms and know about the latest and best tools for the job. Facebook recently announced they are making changes to the way businesses use Facebook with some speculating the platform will create an entirely separate news feed for businesses and sponsored content. It is updates like this you need to keep on top of.

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