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How to readjust your marketing activities on Instagram for 2021

While, right now, we can only have inklings of exactly how 2021 will unfold, it’s not hard to see that Instagram will continue to hold a large sway over the international populace. What isn’t always so obvious is how the SEO clockwork under the veneer of Instagram’s eye-catching interface is whirring.

As Instagram tweaks its algorithm to affect how users peruse the site’s content, you need to be able to accommodate these shifts by readjusting how you market your own brand through its Instagram account.

Use the right hashtags – and with the right regularity

A carefully-chosen hashtag – definable as a series of letters or numbers preceded by a # symbol – can make or break the visibility of a given Instagram post. That’s because this hashtag can help to get the post noticed by people especially likely to appreciate – and, as a result, share – that content.

However, make sure each hashtag you use is relevant to the content it is tagging – and doesn’t carry any dodgy connotations that could harm your company’s reputation. You should also be careful not to use the same hashtags too often, lest they start to look spammy.

Keep your content relevant to your target audience

However influential hashtags can be in your Instagram marketing campaigns, you still have various other powerful promotional measures at your disposal on the image-sharing site.

This has been especially true since November 2020, when Instagram tinkered with its algorithm to ensure that you can place keywords in various parts of your Instagram portal and, in this way, help your target customers more easily find you through the site’s search function.

Those keywords could go into your textual posts, videos and profile, but should faithfully reflect your brand’s topic or niche. The content to which those keywords are attached should do likewise.

Don’t make your Instagram Reels videos too long

What exactly would be the definition of “too long” in this context? Well, you should remember that, when people see preview snippets of Instagram Reels pieces, they can only watch for 15 seconds before having to click “See More” for, well, more. Short attention spans mean many people don’t choose to actually do that.

That’s why you should stay on the safe side by limiting each of your videos to 15 seconds in overall duration.  In those few seconds, you can still display some text to spur engagement.

Don’t forget the human touch

As businesses continue to transfer more and more of their usually in-person operations to the digital sphere, you risk leaving your interactions with customers feeling rather… impersonal.

However, the good news is that there remain meaningful ways for you to humanise your marketing output – especially on Instagram, where you can easily show more faces and create more videos to reveal what’s happening behind the scenes.

Our SEO marketing services include a strong social media component, making it easier for our clients to strengthen their brand’s presence on Instagram. We invite you to phone our team on 01325 582112 to learn more about the possibilities.

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