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How to write an about us page

Want to write an about us page that isn’t instantly forgettable? Then follow our hints and tips below.

Let your customers speak

Rather than writing about yourself, begin by letting your customers speak. Third party endorsements are a powerful tool to influence potential customers. So let your customers do the talking. Include links to the testimonial sources (such as Checkatrade, for example) and be sure to follow the guidelines on the use of testimonials as set out by the Advertising Standards Authority.

Evoke nostalgia

Evoking nostalgia is an emotive device used in advertising to engage an audience. Remember that Hovis ad with the bicycle and the picturesque hill? Okay, we’re showing our age here, how about most of the Christmas adverts almost every year!? For that matter, isn’t it about time that someone evoked the ‘Kids from Fame’ in their next ad? I’m sure we could find our leg-warmers somewhere!

Evoke nostalgia on your ‘about us’ page, and you can show the progression of your company ‘then’ and ‘now.’

Firms from Marks & Spencer to McLaren have used nostalgia to show their progression from small start-ups (or Penny Bazaar stalls) to multi-national companies.

Tell a story

Was your business born out of adversity? Was necessity indeed the mother of invention? Or is yours a family business that’s made it big?

Tell a story on your ‘About Us’ page, whether it be from ‘rags to riches’ or ‘success over adversity’. Don’t just list your services like on your ahem, ‘services’ page. Did fixing bicycles on your kitchen table inspire you to become an engineer?  Did you start the business in your spare room?

Include a personal anecdote or two to make this page different from the rest (and your competitors). Show your humble beginnings or that it hasn’t always been plain sailing. Did you get told off for making a mess when fixing bicycles on the kitchen table? Tell a story, employ an anecdote or two and these will make you seem well, human – someone just like you.

Build bricks to building trust

Employing these techniques will help you to engage potential customers and to build their trust.

Positive customer testimonials are evidence of your good service. Showing your progression over the years is evidence that yours is a business here for the long term. You’re no faceless fly-by-night, that’s here today and gone tomorrow. You’re someone we can trust, a friend, a neighbour, someone with whom we’d like to do business.

Keep it clear and simple

Use a mixture of media on your ‘about us’ page to engage your audience. Consider using photos, video or infographics to foster customer engagement. But, and it’s quite a big but, don’t necessarily employ all three – be sure to keep it clear and simple. Too many distractions will drive your customers away.

There you have it, a few tips for getting your ‘about us’ page underway and making it stand out from the crowd. Need help with your website?  Don’t hesitate to get in touch with Webahead Internet today for a free quote.

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