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How video marketing could bring Christmas cheer to your customers in 2020

Forget the radio star – sometimes, it could be your marketing budget that video seems to be on the verge of killing. However, you could be very mistaken to assume so – as, this Christmas, it’s easy to launch a cost-effective video marketing campaign that further fuels the usual warm, fuzzy feeling of the season.

Send a video card

Who doesn’t like to receive a Christmas card? The one you email to your customers, though, can especially stand out if it has a video element. Besides, because too few brands have mined the full potential of video cards, there’s plenty of scope for creativity if your brand opts to prepare one for its customers.

Naturally, the basic message in that card should be “happy Christmas” – but you’ve also got a great opportunity to subtly remind your customers that their time with you doesn’t have to end with Christmas shopping.

Run live-streamed video

Of course, the usually spontaneous fun of Christmas parties is rather in peril this year, given that the only member of your festive throng you could feel comfortable being within six feet of is probably the turkey. Imagine, then, if events like this could be live-streamed instead?

Well, they can – and as to how, well, your imagination could be the only limit there. We refer here to a party you would hold for your customers, who could “join in” over a platform like Facebook Live.

Share some big news 

For many people, Christmas is very much a feel-good time of year anyway. You could ride on that wave of optimism by sharing, on video, some especially exciting news with your customers.

The news itself doesn’t necessarily have to be festive-themed; for example, it could simply be announcing a major project you’ve got lined up for next year. Many of your customers who hear your news will be heartened to know they’ve got something big to look forward to even after Christmas is over for another year.

Shoot “behind-the-scenes” footage

A big part of the fun of live-streamed video is things going, well, slightly off-kilter. A few slip-ups here and there on camera could amuse viewers and help to humanise your brand.

Posting a “behind-the-scenes” video of your team at work could have a similar effect. Why not show people how your staffers prepare in the run-up to Christmas? If that preparatory work is revealed to be a hectic and bustling affair, your customers will probably find themselves relating!

Invite customers to share their own video content

They could be especially receptive to your encouragement here after unwrapping, say, a new iPhone 12 or high-end, standalone camera on Christmas Day. After all, we all love showing friends on social media what we got for Christmas – and your customers may well have received a fair few things bought from your store.

We can assist you in running a social media marketing campaign – including a suitably memorable hashtag – that calls for user-generated videos and perhaps even offers a prize for what you deem the best one.

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