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Hyperlocal social media marketing tactics for you to try

You might run a business that mainly caters for customers from a local geographic radius of, say, five to ten miles; think a brick-and-mortar shop or restaurant. In this situation, it would be ideal for you to tailor your digital marketing so that it spreads the word largely just within this area. 

Social media sites hold abundant data about their users and so can aid you in hitting that promotional target. Here are several ‘hyperlocal’ strategies they would enable you to utilise…

Delivering location-specific ads 

Imagine if someone was just casually eating at a Newcastle restaurant and scrolling through a social media feed at the same time. As they do so, an ad could appear on their smartphone screen and indicate that a shop within easy walking distance of them is holding a big sale.

Now, how convenient could it be for the shop if the smartphone user then realised a need for them to buy something that just happened to be one of the products discounted in the sale?

Partnering with local influencers 

Ah, yes, ‘influencers’ — those people you probably see regularly taking to Instagram or YouTube to advertise products they claim have been sent to them as freebies from the companies that made the products. Are you aware of any influencers based in the local area where your business operates?

If so, ask yourself whether these include people who would be able to publicise offerings from your brand in a way that comes across as natural — and thus authentic — rather than simply ‘spam’.

Publicising local events 

Do you know of any that are coming up and relevant to your company’s field of work? Perhaps there is going to be a trade show where businesses will advertise products you are bound to start offering sooner or later? Alternatively, there could be a charity marathon your company will be sponsoring.

In using social media to advertise such events when they are on the way and report back about them (with photos or video) once they have finished, you can garner positive publicity for your brand, too.

Creating location-based content 

There’s a lot of fun you could have with this. For example, a swimwear seller based in the North East England region could post videos showing how well certain types of swim shorts hold up when the wearer takes a dip in the River Tees.

Similarly, if you run an electronics store in the same region and some new smartphone models have just been released, how about using them to photograph much-loved landmarks like Durham Cathedral and the Tees Transporter Bridge?

You could subsequently include those photos in status updates that invite social media users to ‘compare and contrast’ the abilities of the smartphone models’ respective cameras.

You could even leave members of the Webahead Internet team to manage social media marketing campaigns on your brand’s behalf. To contact us and find out more about how we would be able to augment your company’s in-house marketing prowess, please give us a call on 01325 582112.

Hyperlocal social media marketing tactics for you to try

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