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Tips on getting the best results from a graphic designer

Could your company do with some new graphics? Maybe it needs a new design for its business cards, new banners for its website and social media pages or a new logo for… well, placing on a wide range of marketing materials? In any of these scenarios, one obvious thing you could do is look for a graphic designer.

However, it is important that you tread carefully when giving them not only your original brief but also follow-up feedback. With the following steps, you can help the designer to help you. 

Be specific with your brief 

Right now, you might be unsure how to precisely articulate what you want. Now, the problem here is that you can’t expect a graphic designer to be capable of reading your mind.

For this reason, it can be a good idea to wait and see if a more concrete vision solidifies in that mind before you initially approach a graphic designer. For example, if you run a spa, it might be best for you to ask for specific colours or hues rather than simply ‘something that looks relaxing’. 

Resist giving the designer ambiguous feedback 

Trust us, a graphic designer can quickly feel despondent if you let them know you dislike their design but can’t figure out why. Even if you are simply being truthful here, your words wouldn’t do anything to help nudge the designer back in the right direction. 

If those are your honest thoughts, it could help for you to ask the designer why they made particular decisions about the design. Does a specific font or colour in it just look a little ‘off’ to you? 

Once you have garnered insights into how the design came together, you might be able to more easily determine where things went wrong — or think more positively about what you see. 

Try not to ask for ‘just one more quick change’

One problem with making this request is that there will have been a reason for every little detail that was put into the design. Hence, tweaking even just one part of it could have a knock-on effect that unbalances other parts of the design and leaves you seeking yet more modifying. 

If you do have a specific, minor change in mind for the design, it would be wise for you to thoroughly check over all other aspects of it to see if any of those also stand out to you in a bad way. 

Doing this could help you to identify various areas of potential improvement — and consequently enable you to provide a long list of detailed suggestions for the designer to act upon. That way, you are less likely to find the work in progress repeatedly bouncing between designer and client. 

Of course, it could also bode well for you to strike up a good relationship with the designer right from the start. Through phoning Webahead Internet on 01325 582112, you can be introduced to graphic designers who are not only skilled but also easy to work with. 

Tips on getting the best results from a graphic designer

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