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Landing pages: why do they matter and how can you make them great?

The term “landing pages” can easily confuse people without a specialist knowledge of SEO. However, the term simply refers to those pages on which potential customers will, indeed, land as they visit your website. For this reason, landing pages can heavily factor into first impressions of your site.

If you settle for just cobbling together your landing pages on the fly, you could too easily end up with poorly-designed pages which deter prospective customers. So, how can you avoid this?

Assess how quickly or slowly a page loads

A landing page can have insufficient opportunity to start working its magic if your site’s users struggle to load it in the first place before losing patience and looking elsewhere. That could fritter away valuable business, but what might be the culprit if a page loads sluggishly?

The page’s images might be too numerous or oversized. According to research cited by Entrepreneur, while landing pages featuring few or no images convert at an 11.4% rate, that falls to 9.8% for those pages where the images exceed 1 MB in size.

Keep the copy clear and concise

The text on your landing page should be easy to follow and go straight to the point; in fact, it should centre around drawing readers to a call to action, perhaps in the form of a link.

As for how you can most effectively craft that call to action, we will soon address this. First, you should make sure that the text is broken up – for example, with bullet points or images – to make it easy to digest. After all, most people will just scan this page, not read it word-for-word.

Craft a strong call to action

It’s good practice to limit a page to just one main call to action (CTA). The previously cited research has revealed that, while pages adhering to this tactic produce a 13.5% conversion rate, that number is, on average, 10.5% for landing pages with at least five call to actions or links.

To make clicking the CTA a more powerful draw, you could swap out its link for a button or display a phone number through which customers can get in touch with you. Another idea is to experiment with different button colours to see if this affects the conversion rate.

Include “social proof”

People feel more comfortable using a particular product or service if many other people before them have done the same and seen great results. In vindication of this theory, businesses have found that including examples of “social proof” on their sites has helped to spur more sales.

Therefore, don’t omit the inclusion of customer testimonials and photos on your landing pages, many facets of which can be expertly honed with our help. As a Darlington-based digital marketing agency, we can provide both visual and textual content for many North East companies’ landing pages. These pages will be designed to foster both traffic and conversions conducive to your company’s growth. Call us on 01325 582112 to get the ball rolling.

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