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Make the right call: how to perfect your ‘call to action’

Much of your marketing might be intended to nudge consumers towards buying from your brand, but the call to action (CTA) is arguably the piece of marketing detail likeliest to finally tip them into making a purchase. So, how can you get your CTA just right? 

This question has no simple answer, as the actual answer can depend strongly on what is being marketed and to what audience. However, the following strategies could work well…

Just get straight to the point 

Sometimes, it pays just to avoid beating around the bush. After all, the internet is already strewn with bewildering jargon and complex promises. This means that being simple and concise with your CTA can, perhaps surprisingly, help you to cut through the noise.

Whatever you are offering, just say exactly what it is. Taking this no-nonsense approach with your CTA could lead readers to perceive that your products or services would be similarly zero-hassle. 

Show that you understand exactly what the customer is thinking 

Let’s assume that you want to tempt new parents into subscribing to a steady stream of emailed parenting tips. In the CTA, you could acknowledge just how busy being a parent is, allowing you to demonstrate that you know how hard-pressed for time your target audience is.  

While your words here should obviously be short and snappy, they should also remain just long enough for you to get across that you can regularly send them parenting advice so that they won’t have to spend time searching for it manually. 

Confidently challenge the reader

As your target audience is probably accustomed to reading gently-phrased marketing content, you can really stand out by using bolder – but, crucially, not rude – language. 

If you are targeting members of a particular cutthroat industry, you could invite them to ‘prove’ their credentials by clicking your link. Alternatively, you could humorously act as though you don’t actually want them to click the link – potentially only making them more tempted to click it.

Ease the reader in gently with your offer 

Many people who see your CTA could be quickly put off acting on it if they feel it would require too hefty a commitment. You could therefore make things easier for them by simply offering them something small – perhaps just a nugget of information, or a sample of a product.

The genius of this approach is that, if the person does take up the offer, they could soon become inclined to turn to your company more often anyway. 

Inject a bit of humour into your CTA

While there are plentiful examples of amusing CTAs online, you probably shouldn’t steal any, as they could be a little too unique for you to realistically pass off as your own. 

Fortunately, we have experienced copywriters who could provide your CTA with just the funny flourish it needs – whether that’s a joke, a pun or something more subtle still capable of releasing a titter from the reader’s lips. We could even give you suitably silly graphics to go with that text.  

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