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Politeness always pays: how to get your ‘thank you’ pages right

What do you ultimately want members of your target audience to do on your website? Perhaps you want them to place an online order for a product you sell, register to attend an event you are scheduled to hold, or download digital content — such as an e-book — from you. 

Once you have succeeded in spurring a customer to take the sought-after action, however, you should naturally thank them. No, you don’t have to do it directly; instead, you can simply heed the below tips while preparing a ‘thank you’ webpage intended to pop up at the right time. 

Get straight to the point 

How should you thank the user? Certainly not by overwhelming them with truckloads of information they don’t really need. 

For this reason, it’s a good rule of thumb to keep the text on a ‘thank you’ page limited to just a few sentences. These can include a prominent heading allowing the user to see from a glance that they have indeed done what they set out to do. 

Suggest what to do next 

Picture a scenario where someone buys something online from your business. Ideally, you don’t want your company’s relationship with the customer to just end there. Through keeping them engaged for the long haul, you can help to give yourself a reliable source of recurring revenue. 

Maybe you could immediately offer the customer a discount on their next purchase with you, or invite them to post an online review of their experience?

Don’t go overboard with follow-up offers

This returns to the point we touched upon earlier about not dumping excessive information on the ‘thank you’ page. As you will be thanking the user at a time when they might be in a hurry to tackle the next thing on their to-do list, avoid cluttering the page with too many calls to action. 

To be more specific, we would suggest you include no more than about three — and displaying each one clearly and distinctively to make them quick and easy to digest. 

Keep the page ‘on-brand’

This means giving it visuals that align with those of the wider website. This should entail not only inserting your company’s familiar logo and branding colours but also, for the on-page text, adopting the same voice and fonts as elsewhere on the site. 

With our expertise in graphic design and copywriting, we can sort out the page’s aesthetic and textual aspects for you, making sure they tick all of the above-mentioned crucial boxes. 

Thank the user in a personalised way

How can you do this? Well, if the ‘thank you’ page’s purpose is to load in response to the user submitting a completed form where they have included their first name, that little detail can be seamlessly weaved into the message of gratitude. 

This kind of personalisation is possible with automation — and, through reaching out to web design professionals from Webahead Internet, you can learn how we would be able to integrate this automation technology into your website on your behalf. 

Politeness always pays: how to get your ‘thank you’ pages right

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