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5 reasons for marketers to live stream on social media

You might have once considered live streaming to require sophisticated software and hi-tech equipment that you either don’t have or would struggle to get to grips with. 

However, the actual situation is very different now that many of us are able to live stream with just a smartphone and the right social media platform. 

Detailed below are just some of the most compelling incentives for you to join the live streaming game for the ultimate purpose of promoting your brand.

The concept is easy to grasp 

The term ‘live streaming’ basically just refers to the practice of broadcasting live footage online. You have probably seen many people do it, too — from music artists putting on gigs to historians allowing you to get a closer look at ancient landmarks they happen to be exploring.

For this reason, you might not struggle to come up with ideas for how you, too, could leverage the power of live streaming. Just think of where your expertise lies, and then go from there.

You don’t need a specialist platform for live streaming 

You certainly can still get live streaming platforms like this, such as from IBM. However, the important point here is that you don’t strictly need any — as much of the functionality you are bound to require is now built into social media platforms you could already be using as a matter of course.

A few examples of those platforms include Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube — making it easier for you to ‘hit the ground running’ with your live streaming efforts.

A live stream can be turned into ‘on-demand’ content afterwards

This is possible on Facebook, for example — where, once you finish running a live stream on your business page, a re-watchable video of the streamed events will be automatically posted to it.

Similarly, if you ‘go live’ on LinkedIn, the footage will be added in re-playable form to the feed on your company’s LinkedIn page.

All of this can prove wonderfully convenient — since if much of the video’s content isn’t time-sensitive, why not find an extended lease of life for it?

Live streaming is cost-effective     

Now that you have read this far into the article, this point probably isn’t the most surprising for us to make. However, it is also a point that deserves emphasising, as it leaves live streaming a delightfully accessible option for businesses not exactly awash with cash.

It all adds up to great ROI (return on investment), too — even for large enterprises that could theoretically stump up more money than would absolutely be necessary for live streaming.

We can help brands to get started with live streaming 

Even if you have never live streamed anything before, and do not have anyone working for you who does have that experience, it’s possible to ask an external company for help in getting your live streaming pursuits off the ground.

With our expertise in social media marketing, we are able to assist many businesses across the North East England region with setting up essentials for live streaming.

5 reasons for marketers to live stream on social media

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