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Seeing is believing: 5 reasons why your business needs graphic design

It can be tempting to dismiss graphic design as merely window dressing – something that just adds a nice aesthetic flourish to your marketing message rather than underpins its success.

However, as 90% of information transmitted to human brains is visual, the importance of your brand’s visuals is more than just surface-level. Here are several other reasons why you can’t afford to neglect the graphic design adorning any of your publicity materials – both digital and print.  

You can garner a positive – and lasting – first impression

“You only get one chance to make a first impression.” That’s certainly very applicable to business – and, as the human brain processes images 60,000 faster than text, it’s really with your brand’s images, rather than its text, that you are much more likely to make that impression.

This is especially true when you consider that the customer in question is likely to find out about your business in the first place through an especially visual medium; think an ad, card or flyer.

Consistent graphic motifs establish credibility

Think about it: the power of a well-known brand is often in its colours as much as, say, its logo. Apple, for example, is probably associated just as much with the clean, white aesthetic of its website and retail stores as it is with its iconic logo of an apple with a bite taken out of it.

Of course, your brand’s power is still likely to come mainly from how effectively you help your customers to solve pain points – even before they buy anything from you, as we will duly explain…

Graphic design lets you come up with creative solutions

Good creativity is at the heart of good graphic design. After all, what essentially constitutes “good” graphic design is an art, not a science. Therefore, with the right graphic design skills, you can communicate your messages in ways that especially help people consuming them.

Just consider, say, how much more easily you can often digest an infographic rather than a standard block of text – even when both include basically the same information.

You can inspire your workforce, too

We’ve focused a lot on the customer experience in this article – but your company can’t effectively serve its customers without effective staff.

Hence, you need to instil in your workers exactly what your business is about. They can more easily see for themselves when the graphical element of your marketing channels, from your website to your leaflets, is consistent in what it says about your company.

Good graphic design costs less than you think

No business wants to unveil a heavily overhauled brand amid a flurry of hyperbolic publicity only to realise months later that… well, the rebranding isn’t getting the results anticipated. Consequently, yet another rebrand – and another bill for the business to foot – could be on the cards.

That’s why it’s important for you to get it right the first time round – and, with one of our skilled graphic designers on your contacts list, that’s exactly what you can do.  

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