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Some of the biggest SEO implications of Google’s recent Hummingbird update

We are proud of the SEO copywriting services that we offer and enable many businesses to obtain great value written copy for their websites that can lift those websites in search engine rankings while remaining pleasing to read. Indeed, we concern ourselves with learning and using the most recommended practice concerning SEO – or, as it is known in longhand, search engine optimisation – so that our clients don’t have to. It is for this reason that we now, when delivering SEO copywriting services, consider the following ways in which Google’s recent Hummingbird update has affected most recommended SEO practice.


SEO should take account of more natural language queries

Recently, thanks to rising Internet use through mobile devices including smartphones and tablets and the rising use of apps, such as Apple’s Siri and Google Now, that are on such devices and can respond to voice-activated search queries, more complex, long-tail search queries are becoming more common. In other words, many people are now carrying out web searches along the lines of ‘At what times is Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs 2 showing at the Cineworld cinema in Middlesbrough?’, rather than just a lump of random words like ‘Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs 2 Cineworld Middlesbrough’. Google now provides better results to long-tail queries and so websites are recommended to provide more meaningful content for search engines.

SEO should focus more on competing with search engine results pages

There was once a time when a Google search for ‘films starring Billy Bob Thornton’ would produce a results page topped by a link to a popular film-related website like IMDb, through which details of films starring Billy Bob Thornton could be easily found. However, conduct such a Google search now and the results page will be topped by a list of such films that you can easily find more information about without even needing to leave Google. Hence, SEO should focus more on incentivising web searchers to visit a website through providing on that website information that will not be provided on Google.

SEO should be combined with development of social content and conversations

The Hummingbird furthers the increasing socialisation of search; in other words, it enables more people to ask Google the types of questions that they would have previously asked their friends and acquaintances on social networks. Hence, SEO should be combined with the creation of further social content and conversations for especially good effect.

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