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New Robson Green TV series sheds more light on Northumberland

We have already detailed in this blog many ways in which we can help many businesses in the beautiful county of Northumberland. However, these businesses now have even more reason to celebrate, as a new TV series, fronted by locally-born actor Robson Green, has just begun on ITV1 and pledges to reveal to a national audience many often overlooked reasons why Northumberland is such a great place. The series, especially if it becomes popular, could see a big boost in tourism in Northumberland – and local businesses can especially effectively exploit this with the help of services that we offer. Allow us to further explain why…

There are many exciting places to visit in Northumberland
The eight-part series, called Tales from Northumberland, is set to shed light on many of the county’s most renowned tourist attractions. These will likely include many that Green has already enthused about ahead of the broadcast of the series, including Bamburgh Castle, which has often been used for filming since the 1920s; Hadrian’s Wall, which the Romans built during their occupation of Britain; and Kielder Observatory, which is run by bricklayer turned world-renowned astrologer Gary Fildes. There are many businesses, such as shops, cafes and restaurants which are located near these attractions and so could benefit from the increased number of tourists visiting these attractions that could occur due to Tales from Northumberland. BUT…

How we can especially help Northumberland businesses
“BUT… what?” we hear you cry. Well, these businesses could especially benefit from an increased number of tourists if they use services that we offer, including web design, web marketing, graphic design and SEO copywriting services, to further spread the word about what they have to offer. They could find drawing on such services surprisingly straightforward and can easily contact us to find out why.

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