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Some of the scariest SEO inconveniences to heed this Halloween

We’re only a few days away from what is purportedly the scariest night of the year – but whether you intend to spend your Halloween in costume, showing off a carved pumpkin or turnip, or, indeed, doing anything else, the scariest thing could already be right under your nose.

We’re referring there to SEO – which, like a villain in a horror movie, can sometimes appear to have met its maker, only to suddenly re-emerge more menacing than ever. Consider these points…

Nothing is for certain in SEO

Just like a scary movie can throw you through various dramatic twists and turns, so can SEO. That’s because, quite simply, the truth is elusive in SEO. Nobody knows for certain what works in SEO; we just know what has worked in the past and what should theoretically work in the future.

Google is cagey about how exactly its algorithms affect the rankings of websites on the search engine’s results pages, hence why SEO can often feel like aimlessly stabbing in the dark.

Without a website, you’re likely to be overlooked

It might be reassuring to think that “if you build it, they will come”, but the supposed wisdom of this approach isn’t always borne out by reality. You can’t expect many people to consider using your company’s services if they don’t even know that your company exists.

That’s exactly why, when you do ensnare customers in your firm’s net, you are likely to so online rather than because your physical office or store – if it exists – looks pretty from the outside.

A site not on the first SERP is almost irrelevant

What are SERPs? They are search engine results pages, through which you click – or perhaps not – after inputting a Google search query. We say “perhaps not” because, even if someone is using Google to look for the type of service your business offers, they might never find your business.

Most people lack the time or patience to look beyond the first SERP that pops up – meaning that if your website isn’t on there, it will rarely even get noticed, let alone considered.

Many people ignore blatant advertising

Think about it: does anyone really “like” advertising? How many times have you clicked the “skip” button on an advert preceding a YouTube video, for example? Hence, you should be careful with the text you use in your pay-per-click adverts set to be placed on SERPs.

The trick – or treat – with effective advertising is to do it in such a way that it doesn’t look like advertising. Focus mainly on being helpful and informative, and the promotional returns will follow.

The ultimate success in SEO is a matter of survival

That’s a suitably scary way of putting it, but the serious point we’re making here is that your SEO campaigns won’t generate results overnight. Plant your seeds now to grow gorgeous pumpkins later. We all have to start somewhere, though – so why not consider our starter SEO package?


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