Starter Package

If you are a business or organisation with an interest in SEO Darlington and are ready to invest in the first components of a truly impactful and cost-effective online presence, then you may wish to opt for our entry-level Starter package.

Our experts in web marketing North East are seasoned in applying all of the essential elements of a successful campaign for organisations based in Darlington, Newcastle, Durham, Middlesbrough and other parts of the region, and there are few greater determinants of a company’s online success than its performance in the search engines.
Features of the
Starter Package
Optimisation for the Google, Yahoo and Bing search engines is at the centre of our services in web marketing North East. Our SEO packages have been designed for firms that may currently have relatively low search engine results of less than one million, or those that would simply like to give their site a good presence in the search engines without spending a fortune in the process.
We target three of the most frequently used search engines. This helps to ensure that you get the maximum return on your SEO investment in the form of the greatest possible amount of traffic and subsequent conversions of visits into sales.
Another way to ensure the best ROI is to choose keywords that are relevant to your company’s products or services, but which you are also realistically able to compete for in the quest for high search engine result rankings. With these often conflicting factors in mind, we’ll help you to determine the best five keywords to target.
Search engine spiders can do their work more easily when there is a clear structure for your site, which in turn helps to boost your search engine result rankings. Our professionals in web marketing Darlington will ensure that you are making the most of this integral part of your site for SEO purposes.
Although the Starter package is the most basic of our various web marketing packages, it by no means brings only the most basic results. We can actually boast a first page success rate of more than 85% within one million results for this package, which makes it an excellent starting point for any website.

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