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What graphic design trends can we expect to see take off in 2022?

2022 is fast approaching – and, as surely as we can expect it to bring new fashion trends, the world of graphic design will evolve, too. So, what graphic design practices could become particularly commonplace?

One esteemed provider of graphic design tools, Venngage, has quite a few predictions about what graphic design trends could take hold in 2022; here are some with potentially largely implications for how your marketing materials might look next year.

Inclusive visuals

The Black Lives Matter movement has certainly had an effect here, but it’s hardly the only recent development that has drawn attention to the marginalisation of certain communities.

You have probably already noticed other brands’ visuals becoming more representative of the populace – with various ethnicities, orientations and abilities reflected in non-photographic depictions of ‘ordinary’ people. In pursuing this trend yourself, you can make your brand feel appreciably more welcoming than before.

Bold and bright background colours

It could be theorised that these have recently returned to popularity for two particular reasons above all. One, they can more easily grab the attention of people who could otherwise simply be too busy to notice the graphic – especially if they are hurriedly scrolling through a busy social media feed.

Another reason is that data and details arguably stand out more easily on a vibrant background than on a comparatively muted one.

Branded memes

Like emojis, memes work well for communicating a lot with a little because plenty of meaning is already invested in them. As soon as you see, say, that series of panels with Anakin and Padmé or that shot of a smug Leonardo DiCaprio in Django Unchained, you have a good idea of where things are going.

All the same, you could have underestimated how easily you would be able to adapt memes’ universal messages to your brand’s tone.


There’s hardly a shortage of quotes (many of dubious authenticity) on the internet – and this oversaturation did lead quote usage online to somewhat go out of fashion at one point. Now, quotes are once again rising in prominence, though probably not quite as you would have expected them to.

Brands are forgoing the usual motivational quotes in favour of snippets from their own pieces of content, like blog posts and e-books. The idea here is to use quotes as tantalising previews of what the main content is like.

Social media screenshots

If you see something utterly share-worthy on one social media platform but want to post it to another, you can do that just by using a screenshot of the original content.

Many casual users of social media already do exactly that. If your brand is somewhat quirky in character, you could benefit from having our graphic designers insert social media comments, such as from your customers (with their permission, of course), into parts of your visual marketing.

Between them, our graphic designers and social media marketing experts can handle various aspects of your company’s latest publicity drive – just phone us on 01325 582112 to learn more about how.

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