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Why consider outsourcing your marketing campaigns to an agency?

Rome wasn’t built in a day, the saying goes – and neither is a strong brand. Much of the magic happens through networking with people, including potential customers and clients as well as heavyweight industry figures who could help get you noticed by those people.

However, it can all look daunting if your business is little-established or little-known. This casts light on the rationale for hiring a marketing agency, but how can you tell if you really need one?

Your resources are stretched

It’s a real chicken-and-egg situation: your cash-strapped business is eager to increase its takings but lacks the financial muscle apparently necessary to build the brand that could help make this happen.

While the most effective marketing efforts can certainly be far from the most expensive, you might still lack the money to even add to your in-house marketing team, let alone train them in the expertise they need to create advertising gold. That’s where an agency can come in…

You are naive about marketing dos and don’ts

A marketing campaign is very public by nature, so getting it wrong can be very embarrassing. However, that can too easily happen if you go it alone without a lengthy background in marketing.

It’s understandable to make mistakes when you’re inexperienced, but a good agency will already have staff with years of experience in their areas of specialism – whether those include web design, SEO, social media or anything else. They have chipped their teeth so that their clients don’t have to.

You already have too much on your plate

Have you ever prepared what you thought was a promising promotional campaign, only to repeatedly postpone its implementation because other projects seemed more urgent? If there just never seem to be enough hours in the day, your firm could be left “out of sight, out of mind”.

Naturally, ambitious businesses won’t even want to contemplate this, but they could ease their worries by offloading at least some of their marketing responsibilities to an agency.

Your in-house marketing efforts aren’t bearing fruit

You might already directly employ your own team of marketers – including, perhaps, a designer, a copywriter and a web developer. However, if your personnel in this team have to wear so many hats that their expertise is spread rather thin in certain areas, an agency could plug a few gaps for you.

You will probably already know that your in-house staff need a little help if you are struggling to hit sales targets – in which case, an agency could provide a few pointers on where to change course.

You want to try something new

You can make a lasting, positive impression by occasionally doing something unexpected – like, for example, producing infographics if you usually stick to traditional banner adverts. Still, if your in-house marketers are unfamiliar with the new territory, an agency may have someone more suitable.

Our graphic designers, for example, have honed their skills in crafting a wide range of eye-catching graphic solutions – including, yes, infographics.

Why consider outsourcing your marketing campaigns to an agency
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