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Why outsource your SEO efforts to a dedicated marketing company?

In theory, you can reap plentiful benefits from recruiting an SEO expert to your company’s in-house team. You would be able to select someone who is steeped in SEO while also ready to work permanently alongside your wider team, allowing for a frictionless partnership.

In practice, though, asking a separate marketing company to handle SEO responsibilities on your company’s behalf can actually work out much better over the long term — for the following reasons.

You can tap into a wealth of relevant experience 

What is SEO? It stands for ‘search engine optimisation’, and basically involves pushing just the right buttons of search engines to help ensure that a website is listed prominently on relevant SERPs (search engine results pages).

If this all strikes you as worryingly technical, you will likely be able to appreciate handing SEO duties over to people who have already fulfilled them successfully for many other businesses.

An external SEO provider can have a broader skillset 

An SEO company that has been established in this field for, say, 10-15 years will almost definitely have undertaken SEO for many different clients covering a vast range of industries between them.

So, this SEO expert will likely know not only many of the most important dos and don’ts of SEO but also how to tailor SEO services to suit different types of clients.

It’s not hard to see, then, why employing an in-house SEO professional who has previously spent months or years working for just one specific company could throw up unexpected problems for your own business if it is in a very different sector.

An in-house SEO expert can be very expensive  

Many companies can be eager to have an SEO expert with them in the office rather than at the end of a phone line. 

However, the problematic word here is ‘many’; in-house SEO experts are often much higher in demand than supply, meaning that you might only be able to get hold of one if you are willing to pay them a sufficiently high salary.

Also, exactly because these SEO specialists can remain in high demand even after being recruited to a permanent post, you can’t always be confident that they will stay on your payroll for very long.

You can choose when and how to outsource SEO work

When you factor in this plus point, you could reach the conclusion that having an SEO professional right there with you in your office wouldn’t warrant the added cost after all.

Being able to just utilise SEO services on an ‘as and when’ basis can save your company a lot of money it could subsequently put towards other uses.

You can also free up valuable time when you have more freedom over exactly which SEO services you use. We at Webahead Internet offer an enticing range of SEO packages — from our Starter package for novice entrepreneurs right through to our Advanced package for larger enterprises. 

If you are struggling to decide on the right option for your own needs, please ring 01325 582112.

Why outsource your SEO efforts to a dedicated marketing company
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