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Tips on producing Google-friendly reviews for your website

Much web content comprises reviews aimed at helping readers to make wise decisions. For example, a tech news website might review new smartphone, tablet and laptop models as they arrive in shops, while travel blogs may assess strengths and weaknesses of various holiday destinations. 

If you run a review-heavy website, the release of Google’s ‘November 2023 reviews update’ highlights how crucial it is that the search giant’s crawlers deem the reviews on your site ‘high quality’. The following reviewing tips are rooted in what Google itself advises…

Evaluate from the reader’s perspective

If you routinely review products, you might be lucky enough to get them for free. However, the vast majority of your site’s visitors could need to pay in order to receive whatever it is you review. 

It’s worth keeping this in mind as you weigh up a product’s strengths and drawbacks. Do the former outweigh the latter sufficiently well to justify the price tag? Would you genuinely be happy to pay the asking price if you hadn’t simply been given the product on a plate?

Provide evidence of your experience 

Let’s assume that you are appraising Paris as a holiday destination. Rather than just using text to recall your time in the French capital, you could use your smartphone to film what you see there (of course, when this kind of filming is both practical and officially allowed).

So, you don’t have to just state where tourists can enjoy especially good views of the Eiffel Tower; you can also hopefully film from those vantage points to back up your words. 

Compare products to previous models

That way, people who already own those earlier models will be able to judge whether it would be worthwhile for them to upgrade to the latest one. At the same time, try to avoid simply regurgitating facts and figures that people could easily find elsewhere. 

For example, don’t just state that the iPhone 15’s GPU is up to 40% faster than the iPhone 14’s. What you could do in addition is film a ‘speed test’ of the two devices to see if that extra zip under the hood really makes much of a practical difference when it comes to loading commonly used apps. 

Let your specialist knowledge shine through

If you were looking to buy an electric toothbrush for the first time but couldn’t figure out which model to go for, what kind of website would you turn to for help? Probably not one that specialises in film criticism.

You will want advice from someone who evidently knows what you need them to know. For this reason, if you have developed an extensive body of specialist knowledge, don’t be afraid to dip into it as you review products, services, businesses or experiences in this area of expertise.  

What if you have the expertise but aren’t sure how to convey it clearly? You can trust Webahead Internet copywriters with heeding your thoughts and putting them into smoothly flowing words for visitors of your website to read or hear. 

Tips on producing Google-friendly reviews for your website
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