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Why small businesses should rely on Google AdWords

Have you considered running an AdWords campaign for your small business? Below, we’ve put together just some of the benefits of advertising digitally, so read on to find out more.

You reach customers more easily

All businesses want to be found on Google, but getting to the top of search engine results pages for every product or service you offer can be difficult – and, in some cases, virtually impossible. With Google AdWords, you can appear at the very top of results pages – albeit in a sponsored format – to ensure that you’re reaching the right customers every time they search for your product.

You can reach local customers

With location targeting options, it’s easy to target the right audience for your small business. Such tool is particularly effective if you have a physical store or you want to target a particular area, and means that you do not have to waste your advertising budget on people who won’t convert to leads.

Precise locations – like a five-mile radius from a particular postcode – can be targeted, while geo-based demographics can also be considered if you want to reach a particular type of customer.

You can show off your location

Combining AdWords with Google My Business, you can easily show a map to your shop when you run an advertising campaign – a particularly useful feature when you consider mobile browsing. The easier you can make it for customers to find you, the more likely they are to visit your physical store.

You can follow your customers

Google AdWords allows you to follow your customers across the web and target them with your products or services. The chances are that you’ve already experienced such form of marketing – for example, when you visit an online retailer and then see adverts for the same products you looked at on multiple websites. This is known as remarketing, and is a feature offered as part of AdWords.

If an interested customer has spent time on your website but didn’t make a purchase, they’ll receive a cookie, which you can then use to target your ads on Google and third party websites.

It’s ideal for mobile

The chances are that your potential customers are searching for businesses like yours on the go, and Google AdWords was designed with mobile optimisation in mind. In your AdWords settings, you can target specific devices – whether computers, mobiles or tablets – making it ideal for businesses that are looking to increase their footfall.

You get measured results

As a small business owner, you need to ensure that every penny you spend converts. Google AdWords is one of the most effective tools for small business marketing, as it allows you to track and measure all of your campaigns in real time. You can, for example, measure return on investment, website traffic, brand awareness and conversion rates, and you can also connect your AdWords account to your Analytics to see where paid visitors are looking when they land on your website.

There you have it – just some of the reasons why Google AdWords makes sense for small businesses. Before investing in digital marketing, make sure that you start with a well-designed website. Click here for a web design quote, and check back to our blog regularly for small business marketing tips.


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