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Why tracking your website is important

Tracking your website is crucial because it will help you to know your customers better and tailor your website to their needs.

Know your website visitors
Tracking systems will provide you with essential insights into who is visiting your website and what they are doing.  You’ll know if your website visitors are new or returning ones. How long visitors are staying on your website and where they are, when they leave.

Website content planning
Having this intelligence will help you understand your customers better, you’ll know more about how they are using your websites and what their needs are. Such insights will, in turn, help you to plan your website content better, so you can meet your customers’ requirements and improve their customer journey.

Your website working better
Have a tracking system installed on your website and you’ll be able to see which pages are the most popular and producing the most leads; and which aren’t working so well. For example, you’ll see if there are any existing pages where your customers tend to drop out – so you can improve them.  Such insights will help you in planning your website content on a weekly and monthly basis, from improving the existing pages to adding new ones or additional blog entries.

Potential sales leads
However, perhaps even more important than planning your website content is the leads it can give you regarding potential sales. Even though much of your website traffic will be anonymous regarding the individual user name, you’ll still be able to identify from which companies your website’s visitors are from, whether they are competitors for example or from companies to whom you could offer a service.

Opportunities for growth
Thereby giving your sales teams useful leads and helping to join up your marketing and sales activity, which is essential to the ongoing growth of any company. You’ll have opportunities to approach new companies and to broaden your customer base. All because of the intelligence you’ve drawn from your website.

Encourage interaction
In addition, insights into your website usage will assist you in planning promotional activates aimed at your visitors. You’ll be able to plan activities that encourage your visitors to engage and interact with you, and not merely visit your website. You could encourage your customers to sign up for a newsletter, take up a live chat option, fill in the contact form, or enter a competition. All the while helping you to build up your database of customer contact details and target your marketing efforts accordingly.

So improve your marketing and sales activity by setting up a tracking service for your website; contact the team at Webahead today, call 01325 582 112.

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