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Why you should optimise your website for voice search as 2022 beckons

Despite – or perhaps even somewhat because of – the pandemic and economic turmoil, smart speakers are still rising in popularity. S&P Global recently reported that it expected global unit shipments of smart speakers to amass year-on-year growth of 12% overall in 2021.

Meanwhile, Counterpoint forecasts that the market’s compound annual growth rate (CAGR) will be 21% in the years running up to 2025. So, why else should you optimise your website for voice search?

The range of smart speakers is continuing to grow

This was typified by Apple’s recent release of three new colour options – orange, yellow and blue – for its HomePod mini, which was already available in white and space grey models.

However, yet more smart speakers could soon hit the market – with Samsung, for example, rumoured to be working on a Galaxy Home Mini 2. As the variety of available smart speakers continues to grow, we can realistically expect the market as a whole to expand in tandem.

Many people could soon find a new smart speaker under their Christmas tree

Many of those speakers might already have been bought by loved ones of the intended recipients – especially given the multitude of attractive discounts slapped on various smart speaker models during Black Friday. However, even now, a smart speaker remains an appealing idea for a Christmas present.

That’s largely due to how affordable many of these devices are even at their recommended retail prices. Just look at the HomePod mini, which is currently available for £89 directly from Apple.

Voice search lets people search without touching anything

Of course, voice search – the ability to search on Google by vocalising, rather than typing, a query – is hardly functionality limited to smart speakers. These days, it is available on many different devices – including smartphones, smartwatches and even big, bulky desktop PCs.

The ubiquity of voice search is certainly convenient at a time when people are extra-conscious about what they touch, lest they might feel the need to wash or sanitise their hands straight afterwards.

Many smart speakers will fetch info from your Google Business Profile

What was previously referred to as Google My Business is now named Google Business Profile – but the basic principle remains the same. With Google Business Profile, you can give your company its own online listing including such details as the company’s name, opening hours, reviews and so forth.

Therefore, if this listing currently has any conspicuous gaps in it, you should diligently fill those so that smart speakers hopefully don’t draw any awkward blanks when attempting to recite details from this profile.

It’s easy to slip suitable keywords into your website’s textual content

That’s because, when people search by speaking instead of typing, the query is likely to be more conversational in nature. So, while a plumbing company based in Newcastle might have traditionally used keywords like ‘Newcastle plumbing’ on its site, voice search demands a greater focus on long-tail keywords.

If you are unsure what these are or how to use them, our SEO marketing experts can assist.

How and why your business should make its keywords voice-friendly
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