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5 merits of using a CMS to update your company’s website

What is a CMS? The acronym stands for Content Management System and refers to a platform you can easily and intuitively use to control and manage content on a website you own or run. With a CMS, you can do everything from posting new content to adding to or tweaking pieces already on the website. 

The word “you” appears a lot in those sentences – and that’s because, with a CMS, control is very much in your hands. However, this only hints at the full range of advantages that a CMS would afford you. 

You don’t need to be technically minded to use a CMS 

Traditionally, personally making changes to a website – even changes as small as editing some text or introducing or deleting the occasional image or video – required a certain amount of HTML or programming experience. However, if you have grasped the basics of using Word, you can easily learn how to use a CMS, too. 

This can prove a particularly strong boon for when you want to train other members of your team on how to update your company’s website…

Multiple users can access the same CMS 

Your company’s workforce probably includes many different people each capable of adding something different to your website. Some of these people could, for example, be photographers ready to attach new images to product listings on the site, while you could also have copywriters able to contribute blog posts. 

It’s certainly advantageous, then, that multiple users can be given their own accounts for use on the same CMS – allowing individuals to edit the site without necessarily needing much direct help from you for the task.

A CMS is accessible from anywhere 

This is especially convenient during the COVID-19 pandemic, when many different employees are working from their own respective homes. Essentially, online-connected smartphones, tablets, desktops and laptops alike can be used to access a CMS from anywhere – not just the traditional office setting.

You can also anticipate this flexibility proving beneficial once the pandemic has subsided and you have greater rein over business trips you make. 

A CMS makes web content easy to schedule

With a good CMS at hand, you can quickly look over a concise but informative list of your website’s content. This list should let you see, at a glance, which pieces – including webpages, blog posts and product pages – have been published and which ones remain at the draft stage but you could, through the CMS, opt to schedule for publication.

With a CMS, you’re always in control 

Once a CMS has been implemented for your team to use in managing your company’s website, you won’t need to rely on regularly calling an IT department or web design agency just to apply website changes – many of which could be subtle but still crucial, and perhaps even legally necessary. 

Our own web design experts can put that CMS in place for you, too. To ask any questions you might have about how we can do this, please phone 01325 582112 or email

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