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5 strategies for strengthening your multiple-location SEO

If you run a chain of, say, brick-and-mortar retail stores or restaurants dotted around the country, it’s easy to underestimate how nuanced you could need to be with your SEO (search engine optimisation) efforts.

These are outlets that people would likely visit in person rather than buy from online. For this reason, you shouldn’t underestimate the importance of pursuing multiple-location SEO rather than attempting a one-size-fits-all approach. Here are just some things you could do…

Give each outlet’s location its own webpage 

Let’s assume that one of these outlets is in Southampton and another is in Middlesbrough. You could add a dedicated ‘Southampton’ webpage to your company’s website as well as a Middlesbrough-specific page to it.

That way, if someone includes the place name in their search query for products your company offers, the landing page could pop up in the search results. 

If you are struggling to create new location pages for your website, why not arrange for us to implement a CMS (content management system) web design package?

Build each location page’s SEO profile 

Getting one of those pages into search results wouldn’t necessarily leave it prominently displayed in them. That’s why the onus remains on you to make sure the page is optimised for the location.

If that location happens to be in the North East England region, you wouldn’t strictly need to do the heavy lifting yourself, since our marketing company is adept at the SEO side of things and could harness this expertise for your website’s benefit.

Fill out webpages with localised content 

If you have multiple outlets all run by the same company, they might not quite offer all of the same products or services.

That might be by design. It makes sense, for example, that a restaurant based in Middlesbrough could be likelier than a Manchester-situated eatery to serve the ‘parmo’, a distinctively Teesside delicacy.

It would also be sensible, then, for each location page to be rich in location-specific information — such as about how exactly to reach the outlet by foot, car or public transport.

Amass backlinks from local websites 

What is a backlink? In this context, it is basically a link that is on someone else’s website but points to yours. However, while link building can certainly bolster your company’s online visibility, it could be particularly worthwhile for you to get backlinks placed on websites of a local slant.

To this end, you could invite bloggers in your community to post thoughts online about your company’s local outlet. Holding events, meanwhile, could get you mentioned on local news websites.

Encourage customer reviews 

As revealed in research, 93% of consumers have claimed that online reviews could sway whether they buy from a particular place or not. In a separate study, it was found that a business awarded a five-star rating would draw about 69% of clicks in a local search.

It’s not just on Google that you can potentially attract such plaudits, as we could design you a website allowing customers to post reviews straight to it.

5 strategies for strengthening your multiple-location SEO
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