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5 ‘white hat’ link building methods for strengthening your SEO

How can you be confident that you have genuinely good web content? One reliable indicator is when many other websites — including popular, well-regarded ones — link to it. 

One reason why we say ‘reliable’ here is that respected websites are unlikely to be complicit in ‘black hat’ link building. The ‘black hat’ tag is applied to SEO techniques that violate Google Search guidelines. 

Fortunately, this is not the case for ‘white hat’ link building practices like those recommended below — making them safe and ethical means of boosting a website’s online visibility.

Posting tutorials

It’s ultimately up to you whether those tutorials are provided in textual or audiovisual form. What is important is that these guides demonstrate your company’s industry-specific expertise. 

For example, if you run a retail store specialising in selling swimwear, you could post a video demonstrating several ways to prevent swimming goggles from fogging up. (Obviously, it would be ideal if your store offers products that can help with this, such as anti-fog spray.)

Sharing original data 

The internet is resplendent in useful statistics, but how about producing some afresh rather than simply citing pre-existing data from other sources? 

Perhaps you could hold a poll or survey on your website or carry out market research? Through any of these avenues, you can unearth truly original information that is relevant to your industry and you would be able to highlight in a blog post — giving other webmasters a powerful incentive to link to it.

Going more visual 

Do many of your webpages comprise little more than large, chunky blocks of text? If so, you might want to break it up a bit more by throwing in some enchanting images. 

One major reason to do so is that, judging from studies, you could make many people more inclined to link to the material. 

There are many ways to get hold of attractive images for inclusion in your content. Though royalty-free photos are worth considering, you could also consider asking graphic designers from Webahead Internet to reproduce some of your website’s text as easier-to-digest infographics.  

Guest blogging

This is where you arrange for another website to publish a blog article written in your company’s name. Especially crucially, the article should include a link back to your own site. 

If we return to the example of the swimwear company, they could guest blog by handing, say, a lifestyle blog an article advising how to effectively prepare for swimming in beach waters. The advice could include to invest in swim shorts the company itself stocks.  

Sending press releases to media outlets

Has something newsworthy just happened at your business? You could publicise the development by reporting about it in a press release you submit to media outlets likely to be intrigued by the story.

Don’t worry if you aren’t an experienced writer, as Webahead copywriters could pen press releases — and promotional web content of any other type — on your request, with each piece including a link to your website. For more information, just phone our team on 01325 582112.

5 ‘white hat’ link building methods for strengthening your SEO
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