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How digital marketing can help fitness brands to thrive

The COVID-19 pandemic evidently led to a renewed focus on engaging in exercise. In May 2021, as the pandemic’s threat was gradually receding, the British Heart Foundation reported a survey where 64% of UK respondents cited exercising as a post-pandemic priority for them. 

This was an 6% increase from before the COVID crisis — and, if your brand sells fitness gear like shirts, hoodies, swim shorts and fitness trackers, digital marketing could put you in a good position to reach out to people keen on shaping up.

Start a social media marketing campaign

Social media has become a meeting place for many fitness buffs — and it’s certainly a convenient avenue for them to show off the results of their gym-going efforts!

That’s especially applicable on the more image-based social media sites like Instagram and Twitter. Hence, you could look into your brand potentially launching a social media campaign, like one encouraging people to use your company’s products to hit a specific fitness goal. 

Write a series of blog posts 

As a business owner in the fitness field, you are probably more than familiar with the mantra that “abs are made in the kitchen”. So, many fitness enthusiasts are likely eager to know what they should eat and drink in order to help make the most of their workout routines. 

Writing blog posts is a great way to educate your target audience on nutritional dos and don’ts, as they can drip-feed what could otherwise come across as overbearing and bewildering details. 

Use videos to demonstrate exercise moves 

There’s a good reason why we have advocated using text to advise on nutrition rather than physical exercise: many fitness moves just can’t be clarified well enough in text alone.

Of course, you could pepper written guides with a few illustrations — and our graphic designers could provide the latter for you. However, you could also film yourself going through the moves so that people can feel as though you are serving as their personal trainer. 

Encourage people to share their success stories 

We are all familiar with seeing those before-and-after photos where someone is pictured first with a massive gut and then next with something much closer to six-pack abs.

You could invite people to share similar pictures of themselves. You could then — with the pictured individuals’ permission, of course — publicise these images on your website and social media channels to show what’s possible. 

These people can even essentially act as your brand ambassadors if they achieved their goals with help from products or services offered by your company.

Target your ads at local people 

Many people who want to get fit don’t want to have to look too physically far for help in doing so. This is the case whether they seek to buy suitable clothes and accessories or instead simply sign up at a gym or swimming pool. 

Hence, it can pay off handsomely for you to use PPC advertising as a way of reaching out to fitness enthusiasts based close to where you are.

How digital marketing can help fitness brands to thrive
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