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Be my guest: the promotional power of guest blogging

If you want to amass the kind of large following that will remain loyal to your business even as it weathers the occasional storm, it could pay dividends for you to regularly update a blog.

However, you might wonder how you are supposed to develop that following if you aren’t already a well-established business or a celebrity with a built-in audience ready to consume your content. Well, you could contribute posts to their blogs as a way of leveraging the power of their reliable platforms.

You could find plenty of opportunities on up-and-coming blogs

Don’t be shy about approaching other bloggers for guest blogging opportunities. After all, even popular bloggers like the idea of farming out writing duties to other people – not only to tap into new expertise or audiences, but also to simply give themselves an appreciable break from writing.

You don’t even need to approach blogs that are already soaring in Google’s search rankings. Smaller blogs with well-written, oft-updated content could have considerable potential for growth.

Google makes it easy for you to look for opportunities

Start your search by typing your niche (for example, “homemade chocolate” or “van insurance”) and then either “write for us” or “guest post by” in the same search field on Google.

This strategy could bring up a long list of blogs that have demonstrably been open to publishing such guest content as what you have to offer. In the case of small blogs, you should look for those that are attractively designed and promptly interact with their readers; either would bode well for the future.

Influential bloggers could be your guest, too

It’s not just a case of placing content of your own making onto other people’s blogs; you should also invite such people to contribute articles to your blog. This could allow your blog’s readers to gain a fresh perspective from time to time, as well as help you to attract new readers.

Those may include readers who come over from the guest writer’s blog – especially if it publicises the guest post, and therefore handily links to it.

Interviews are easier than you might think

If the influential person with something useful to say to your site’s readers lacks a background of regular writing or blogging, you could still feature their musings on your site – by interviewing them.

You could email them the questions – allowing them to answer in their own time – and then grammatically tidy up, if necessary, their emailed responses before publishing them.

Guest blogging can help you to build a powerful link profile

Writing pieces that people genuinely enjoy reading is the ‘art’ of guest blogging; the ‘science’ comes in how such guest blogging can positively affect your site’s prominence in search engine results. Including a link back to your site in each guest blog you contribute can feed into this.

Here at Webahead, we offer various SEO marketing packages, but the inclusion of link building is limited to our Advanced web marketing package. Dial 01325 582112 to dip into this package.

Be my guest: the promotional power of guest blogging
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